ABSA Bursaries Education in Banking Industry

Pursuing higher education is a dream for a lot of people. However, many of us are unable to do it due to financial constraint. To solve this problem, a lot of organizations and companies provide bursaries and scholarships. One of the bursary programs you can try is ABSA bursary. ABSA, or Absa Bank Limited, is a subsidiary that is wholly-owned by Barclays Africa Group. This company provides various range of wealth management services and products, investment and corporate banking, business, and retail, mainly in Africa and specifically in South Africa. This company holds five values, and each value will be described on the following list:

Stewardship: the company are very passionate about turning things into a better condition than when they found them. Excellence: ABSA uses their resources, skills, and energy to give the finest sustainable results. Service: the company put their clients and customers as the center of their services. Integrity: ABSA act openly, ethically, and fairly in everything they do. Respect: the company values and respects everyone they work with and they appreciate every contribution their employees make.

The purpose of ABSA is to help everyone achieving their ambitions and dream in a correct way. They are focusing on their goal to be the best provider of financial services. They also have a commitment to Shared Growth, which means they drive to give shareholder value and positive impacts towards society. Despite being a banking organization, ABSA has a building that displays various artworks you can enjoy. These artworks were custom-made during the designing process of the building, as the result of joint projects between architects and artists. While waiting for your services to be done or simply queuing, you can admire the beauty presented within the building. Visitors are also allowed to see the artworks at certain time of the years without having to use their services.

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The bursaries provided by the ABSA are given to students with degreed that will give identified or essential skills related to financial service field. To be eligible to apply for the bursary, you need to fulfill the requirements below: A Namibian or South African citizen; Registered at recognized institution of tertiary education within South Africa; Has a great academic proficiency; The study or courses you pursue are related to and will be beneficial to the banking industry and Receive no bursary from other companies or organizations during the same time you apply for bursary from ABSA.

The bursary provided by ABSA includes complete tuition fees. It will be given based on the yearly bursary awards and the candidates’ needs. Every year, each candidates will receive assessments and if you have a satisfactory performance, the company will keep on sponsoring your education. The purpose of this bursary program is to help the company to employ best talent and provide financial support to potential students. The degree, both bachelor and postgraduate, supported by this company include: Agricultural Science related to Agricultural Economics (plant production, agronomy, viticulture, horticulture, soil science, and animal science); Engineering (process or industrial or financial); Investment and risk management; Statistics; Informatics; Mathematical sciences; Actuarial sciences and Accounting.

Those are some brief information about the bursary provided by ABSA for everyone who are interested to apply for the program in the near future. The applications for this bursary usually open in mid-July and close in the end of August, so make sure to prepare everything and submit the required documents before the deadlines. Online application is available for those who cannot apply on site or having difficulties sending the documents via mail.