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Ackermans is a South African clothing retail stores chain. The company’s history dates all the back to 1916. Gus Ackerman established his first clothing store in the Wynberg area of Cape Town. His vision was simple back then: To give customers fashion items they like at a price that is just fantastic. In 1986, the Pepkor Group bought Ackermans. Today, Ackermans opens over 450 stores spread across five countries. The stores still sell clothing but the area of their focus has expanded to also include important financial products, cellular products, and also homeware. With this, Ackermans seeks to provide customers with a greater range to fulfill their needs. But Ackermans is more than just a retail clothing stores chain. It is an entity with a purpose and mission: To bring values to life. What makes Ackermans stand separate from others is the way they achieve success. It all lies on the people. The company only hires those who are passionate about their work and know what it takes to meet customers’ needs in a way that is also passionate. The company makes their environment a suitable place for skills to develop and everyone involved has the equal amount of opportunities to success.

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And the company does this by getting closer to anyone applying for Ackermans Career Learnership. See, they internalize their “people-first” philosophy by referring to anyone working with them by Phadimas, which means “shine”. The company tries their best to make employee’s professional environment a place where they feel encouraged to brightly shine, all in an effort to take everyone including the company itself to achieve success together. As the company pays attention to who they are hiring, all applicants must go through a series of selection processes that are rigorous in nature. Chosen ones then emerge out of the best of the bunch. The company expects that this rigorous method of filtering their employees would result in something that goes along very well with their primary culture and that those who are chosen will enjoy working in a space that is packed full of inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. If this is the one working environment you wish to be in and if you think you have what it takes to make the cut, then why don’t you just observe the company’s currently available vacancies and try your luck? There could be one that speaks to you on a personal level and perhaps that is where you can thrive eventually.

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Ackermans’ professional values are defined by one simple concept: CRISP, which stands for Courage, Respect, Integrity, Simplicity, and Performance. Once you are admitted into the family, there is a series of benefits for you to expect. You will get staff discount when purchasing Ackermans items on the company’s account. Employee Assist Program is intended for a staff and their families to support them with everything necessary when required. Ackermans Career Learnership also come with flexible working hours that are specifically arranged to meet their requirements. Referral Bonus is available for a staff that successfully refers a new candidate for a position to the HRD. The company Maternity Leave benefits those who are expecting as well as trying to adopt. Study Leave spans for 16 days annually for anyone seeking to complete their study. Medical Aid and Retirement Fund are also offered, all intended to make sure your life as an Ackermans staff is guaranteed professionally. There is even bursary program for anyone looking to get some business qualification.

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