AECI Bursaries Financial Support for Field Working Enthusiasts

A lot of people wish to pursue higher education to enhance their chance is getting job. However, not everyone can have high education level due to financial problem. Many companies and organizations offers financial supports in form of scholarships, grants, and bursaries, to help the less unfortunate people. One of the financial supports you can try to apply is AECI bursary. AECI is a company of specialty chemicals and explosives residing in South Africa that offers services and products to a wide range of clients in general industrial, beverage and food, agricultural, manufacturing, and mining sectors. It has both international and regional business in Australia, United States, South East Asia, and Africa.

AECI five main pillars of business. The following list will explain these pillars from the sectors with lower contribution to the higher contributing sectors in term of revenue. Specialty chemicals business’s portfolio: this sector becomes the main aspect of AECI. The businesses serve various types of clients, with focus on manufacturing sector in local area. They are very cash generative and give advantages to the group as one entity. The value-add and service-driven business models stay relevant, and this sector possess the capacity of manufacturing to create advantages from any upturn in both export and local markets. Thanks to the active enhancement and management, this portfolio is able to ensure the synergism to boost efficiency, which control the cost very well.

Ingredients and food additives: the development of beverage and food market sector keep on outpacing the GDP growth within Southern African area. Both SCP and Lake possess strong bond with their clients within the region and the bond will give contribution to their capability to gain advantages from the trend. Agrochemicals: recently, bio-agriculture has been gaining more attention globally, including Africa, and NuWay of Nulandis philosophy recognize this momentum. Thus their footprint was expanded vis Farmer Organization’s acquisition in 2015 in Malawi. NuWay can be considered a more comprehensive and friendlier approach for our environment in term of the product application of plant and soil health.

Water solution: in this sector, the one who has an accomplished footprint within Africa is ImproChem. In Africa, water is considered a rare resource, which gives opportunities in every industry’s sectors in matter of usage minimization and recycling solutions. Mining solution: this international business has their own limitless intellectual property, allowing them to give services to clients globally. They have around 100 operations in over 20 countries, which include distribution centers, manufacturing plants, and sales offices. This can be considered as an extensive footprint within Africa. AEL, one of the company in the businesses has set their foundation in Australia and Indonesia, while Experse and Senmin also spread their footprints on other countries.

The bursaries provided by AECI will be given to several studies related to their businesses, such as metallurgy, mining engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, food science, chemistry, entomology, plant pathology, and agriculture. After graduation, the students will visit the field of explosives and specialty chemicals. To be eligible for the bursaries, applicants should intend to study or currently studying full time on the mentioned field of study, in a recognized tertiary institution. They also need to complete Matric and are citizen of South Africa.

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Those are the brief information about AECI in general and the bursary provided by company for everyone who want to apply for the program. The applications for this bursary close at August 31st annually, so make sure to prepare the required documents beforehand and submit it before the due date.