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Are you a fresh graduate? Do you want to have the good job in your life? I believe that everyone wants to have the better living by choosing and getting the better job. By getting the better job, we will be able to develop our life. If we can have the better living, we can develop the quality of our life too. In order to get the better job, you need to make sure that you can choose a certain kind of job that meet your own qualification. There are many kinds of jobs that you can choose to make sure that you are meet the criteria of the vacancy for example. If you are interested to work in the mining company for example, you can try to choose AECI Career Learnership. This kind of learnership can be such a good timing for you to develop your own career path.

Do you know about AECI Career Learnership before? For your information, AECI is a company that dealing with the explosives and has the speciality on chemical. It operates in South Africa and it has the business services in mining and also manufacturing sectors for both local and also international. They have the focus for the growth of the industry in South America, South East Asia, and also Africa. They also have operated in niche markets and also supported with the leading technology for the development of their own services. If you join the AECI Learnership, you will have the good career path since this company has done the good and the great system for their operation.

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Are you interested to join AECI Career Learnership? This program will be located in South Africa and the training here will involve both of the chemical operations theory and also the practical components at the variations of the company in Gauteng Area. They are opening for about 70 positions and if you are successful, you will be lucky to be one of them. By the way, are you interested to join the AECI Learnership? If yes, here are some of needs that you need to know. Well, you need to join for about 2 months for the Modderfotein complex and you need to undertake the plant operator experiental training and also shift work and overtime duties.

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Furthermore, here are some of the requirements for AECI Career Learnership program. If you are interested to join in this program, you need to make sure that you can prepare for the qualifications needed.

  • You should be in the age 18 till 25 years old.
  • You should have the skill to work in chemical plant environment.
  • You should pass Grade 12 or the equivalent for the qualification with the physical science and also math.
  • If you can master the computer literacy, it will be an advantage.
  • You also should have the compentencies such as team work, attention to detail, adaptability, follow up, and also communication skills.
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So far, are you interested to join AECI Career Learnership? It can become a good chance for you to develop your own skill and your own career path. Believe me that you will never regret trying to join in this program. If you are interested, you need to make sure that you prepare all of the things required well. Make sure that you also prepare for the documents needed. Good luck to prepare for your own career path. Good luck to prepare for your own career path and to prepare for the best performance need.


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