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These days, there are many mining companies in the world. Thus the needs for explosive materials for mining purpose are increasing. If you are interested in the creation of explosives and mining fields, then choosing AEL Mining career learnership is the best option for you. As a part of South Africa’s AECI group that is listed in JSE, AEL Mining Services can be considered as the leading supplier, developer, and producer of commercial blasting services, explosives, and initiating systems for construction, mining, and quarrying markets in Indonesia and Africa. This company also becomes the biggest provider of initiating systems and explosives technology in Africa. The head office of this company is located in South Africa, at Modderfontein in the area of Johannesburg to be exact. In 1896, the company was first founded and since then, has been one among leading providers of initiating systems and explosives in the world. The company consists of sixteen business approved by production offices and facilities throughout Africa, Southern Africa, and several worldwide regions in Europe, South East Asia, and South America. It has total 34 sites and 58 plants situated in over 20 countries around the world. Yearly sales for the company are more than R6 billion. Sixty percent of the sales are accounted to Southern Africa branches, while 33% are accounted to the other parts of Africa.

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Using outstanding technologies, AEL reveals wealth in various countries where the company operates, providing top notch mining solutions for all key construction, mining, and quarrying applications, including aggregate stone quarrying, open cut (copper, diamond, platinum), dimensional stone quarrying, open cast (manganese, iron ore, coal), underground tight reef (uranium, gold, platinum), and underground massive (nickel, diamond). AEL also offers latest generation of service offerings and products for blasting services, including blasting accessories, electronic detonators, igniter cord, centralized blasting systems, capped fuse, shock tube systems, detonator cords, and boosters. AEL produces supplies and produces ammonium nitrate solution and ammonium nitrate from their own manufacturing factories. The bulk emulsion of the factories provides the company with the ability to deliver and produce continuously, regardless of the market’s demands. The company also provides a comprehensive types of packed explosives. AEL organizes internal engineering capability to build and design MMUs or Mobile Manufacturing Units for underground and surface mining, assembly plants for integrated initiating systems, and bulk mixture manufacturing plants.

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AEL organizes blasting services which obtain finest value from every blasting operation by using the blend of solutions, products, and services, including:

  • Mining optimization provides consulting services for blasting, blast monitoring, a program for mining productivity (i-Mining), design, diploma of explosive engineering, timing, technology conversion, fragmentation analysis, and training for basic principle of blasting
  • Static mixture pumping and underground mobile systems
  • Blast optimization, down the hole services, rock on ground contacting, and PLTS (Prime Load Tie and Shoot)

Currently, AEL focuses on developing a technology for cutting edge by investing extensively in development and research to produce novel solutions to the constantly changing quarrying and mining environment. The research and development division of AEL has patented and pioneered a lot of world first. It also has developed the biggest assembly process and manufacture for automatic shock tube which substantially set a worldwide standard for quality, decrease costs, increases production, and improves safety. AEL also work together with several academic institutions in order to conduct necessary studies that will certainly benefit the industry.

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