AFDA Bursaries Financial Support for Film School

With the rapid development of filming industry, a lot of people want to pursue higher education in the said field. However, most film schools are very expensive. If you have a financial constraint but still want to learn on a film school, you may want to apply for AFDA bursary. Established by Garth Holmes in 1994, AFDA consists of five completely equipped campuses with more than 2000 students enrolled and 7 degree offered. This institution also has more than 200 industry professional for its visiting lecturers and more than 150 full-time admin and academic staff. AFDA was started with only a broken TV, rented VCR, and six active students. Nowadays, this film school can be considered one among the leading institution within its field. The campuses are located in Botswana, Port Elizabeth, Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg. This film school has created several top South African actors and film makers. AFDA also actively contribute in the development of sustainable industry of local entertainment.

The main goal of AFA is to develop an important educational institution that give contribution to the nation building of Africa and rewards every stakeholders by offering a globally integrated, rigorous, and stimulating learning experience, which empowers the students with innovative and productive skills, allowing graduating students to develop creative industries that is sustainable for longer run. AFDA has educational promises to provide its students with concrete, perceptual, and conceptual skills that allow them to create significant human behaviors and narrative concepts that are related to the audiences and to deliver the narratives in the most truthful and accurate way, through the appropriate aesthetic form and medium, and to sell and produce the production economically and accurately.

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The educational objectives of AFDA can be read on the list below: To give concrete, perceptual, and conceptual skills that will allow the students to create powerful narrative ideas and to fully understand the reason of the possibility of relevance and the influence they may possess on the society and target audiences; To understand the reasons behind using human culture and behavior as the agent that will give relevancy to the target audiences; To understand fully on how the expression medium may be used and considered to accurately and truthfully create their narrative; To understand fully in how elements of aesthetics can be used to produce and establish the appropriate shape of the universe in which the narrative is created and To completely understand how to employ and plan resources to sell and produce a production economically, to achieve investment return.

The eligibility criteria for bursary applicants are listed below: BBBEE status; Proof of financial needs; Proficient academic performance; Outside Recognized Prior Learning (RPL) students/ third year student of AFDA/ previous BA graduates of AFDA; Can be both full time and part time study; Willing to pursue Postgraduate BA Honors requirement in Motion Picture and A citizen of South Africa.

The documents required for this bursary are listed below: Letter regarding your financial needs and status (can be combined with the motivational letter); Motivational letter that tells about the reason of your applications and why you are worth the bursary (1 page maximum); CV (2 pages maximum); Recent academic transcript/ tertiary qualifications’ certificates and Certified copy of ID document.

Those are some explanation about AFDA in general and the bursary provided by the institution for everyone who want to join the school. The applications for this bursary close at September 30th annually, so prepare all the required documents beforehand and make sure to submit it before deadline.