African Rainbow Minerals Bursaries

Education becomes one of the most essential needs in our life nowadays. By pursuing higher education, we will have a greater chance to have a job and live a good quality of life. Despite the importance of education, there are a lot of people who are not able to pursue higher education due to economical constraint. To solve this issue, many organizations and companies provide financial support for education, such as grants, scholarships, and bursaries. If you plan to apply to one of them, then maybe African Rainbow Minerals bursary can be a great option for you. ARM or African Rainbow Minerals is one of the leading diversified minerals and mining company in South Africa with low cost and long-life operations. African Rainbow Minerals beneficiates and mine various minerals, such as coal, nickel, copper, platinum group metals, chrome ore, manganese ore, and iron ore.

This company also produces chrome and manganese alloys, and possess a gold investment via their shareholding within Harmony. The strategy of this company is to focus on the quality development in their current portfolio of explorations, partnerships and acquisitions, operational efficiencies, and commodities. The board of ARM offers strategic leadership and direction, monitors the implementation of strategic plans and business, and approves the plans’ capital funding.

There are six main business of the company and further information about each business can be read below: Gold Harmony: Harmony runs and develops top-notch assets of gold in Papua New Guinea and South Africa. ARM has 14.7% of published share capital of Harmony. ARM Exploration and Strategic Services: this business is comprised in determining and assessing mineral business and exploration opportunities in the sub-Saharan area of Africa. ARM Copper: this business has a 40% attributable valuable interest within Lubambe Copper Project, while the other 40% is owned by Vale, and the rest is owned by ZCCM.  Other than the project mentioned previously, this business also holds Lubambe Extension Area.

ARM Coal: this business was established in 2006, July to be exact, as a partnership with Xstrata Coal South Africa, one of the worldwide specialized mining group in South Africa. This joint venture comprises a 26% attributable valuable interest within GGV (Goedgevonden), and 20.2% economic interest in PCB (Participating Coal Business) and South Africa’s operations of Xstrata Coal. ARM Ferrous: the interests of metals of ARM ferrous are fully owned by the business, in partnership with an established processor and miner of metals in the steel industries around the world named Assmang. The operating divisions of Assmang are done according to 3 principal commodities, including chrome, manganese, and iron ore. The attributable valuable interest of ARM is the operations of Assmang is 50% while Assore handle the rest. ARM Platinum: this division includes 3 operating mines (Nkomati, Modikwa, and Two Rivers), and 2 joint ventures for exploration in the Project of Kalplats.

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ARM provides training schemes that focus mainly in the development and training programs within ARM’s operations. Development and training is considered a fundamental part in the function of human resource and development to ensure the availability of desired proficiency to the ARM. The approach used in the capacity building of ARM are study assistance and bursary schemes, development and mentoring of novel graduates, and fast-tracking, mentoring, and identification of talented workers that currently work in the company. The previous paragraphs have explained about some general information of African Rainbow Minerals and its training schemes. For those who wish to apply for the bursary, this information may be useful in the future.