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These days, education is considered an integral need in our life. It is due to the more competitive lifestyle, where knowledge and experience play a huge part when you seek for a job. With higher education, we will have a bigger opportunity to get accepted in the job we apply, thus, we will be able to live in a great quality of life. Despite so, there are a lot of people around the world who cannot afford to pursue higher education due to various reasons, including financial constraints. To help these less fortunate people, a lot of companies and organizations, both government and non-government, provide various types of financial supports for education, such as bursaries, scholarships, and grants there is Africon Engineering International Bursary.

If you are interested in engineering and construction, and is currently searching for financial supports for your education, you can try to apply for Africon Engineering International bursary. Africon Engineering International is a consultancy company that provides various services regarding engineering and construction in South Africa. It has been established since over fifty years ago as a traditional structural and civil consulting engineering company. From humble starts, this company has turned into a leading-edge and dynamic company that offers infrastructure-related management and development, and professional and multidisciplinary services within engineering.

Africon Engineering International has more than 1100 staffs that has a comprehensive knowledge about the variety of industries and markets. This company is able to provide broad-based resources and expertise in both developing and developed countries. The company also has an accomplished office network around the world, specifically in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Middle East. The office networks of this company comprises thirteen global office, with headquarters in four countries according to the agreements with native companies. Africon Engineering International has an accreditation with World Bank, and various bilateral and multilateral funding agencies. This company is completely conversant with the agencies’ requirements.

Established in 1993, Africon Engineering International is currently based in South Africa, at Hatfield to be exact. They also have additional offices in various countries, such as United Arab Emirates, Uganda, Swaziland, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Malaysia, Lesotho, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Botswana, Bahrain, and Angola. The services provided by this company can be read on the following list: Management consultancy, engineering planning, and design services related to transportation field; Communications and training; Quantity surveying; Project and assets management; Land solutions and information; Safety and health services; Industrial and energy consulting services.

Disaster management; Contract management; Environmental and civil services; Hangars design engineers / consulting; Geotechnical engineering; Engineering analysis; Dam engineering; Commercial structure design engineers and consulting and Bridge systems management.

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As for the bursaries provided by Africon Engineering International, the supported degree include Bachelor of Science (computer science), Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science Engineering (civil), and other degree related to Build Environment and Engineering. To be able to apply for the bursary, you must be a learner in grade 12 and have a good proficiency in science and math. You need to submit all the required documents to their mailbox.

The closing date of this bursary is on June 30th annually, so make sure to prepare all the required documents way beforehand and submit it before the due date. If you have any question regarding the bursary, you can contact them. The paragraphs above have described about the general information of Africon Engineering International and its bursary schemes. For everyone who is willing to join for the bursary, this information can be important in the near future.