AfriSam Bursary Scholarship Programme, Quality Construction

AfriSam Bursary Scholarship is provided by the company AfriSam through its division of Aggregate and Readymix Operations. AfriSam, full name AfriSam South Africa Pty Ltd, was established in 1934, then known as Anglo Alpha Cement Ltd. The company underwent several name changes: in 1996, it was known as Alpha Ltd., in 2004, it is known as Holcim South Africa. It is now known as the second biggest cement producer in the country. The company operates within 6 countries in Africa including Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho, Tanzania, Namibia, and South Africa. AfriSam’s work involves manufacturing and supplying construction materials, including cement, readymix, aggregate, plaster, and so forth. The company’s value added services include concrete pumping, concrete laser flooring, technical assistance, development of products, CPE training, Civil Engineering promotion, and consultation by industry board. For more than 80 years, AfriSam has produced quality products that in turn play a big role in the development of African infrastructures. Their aggregate quarries can be found scattered across the country. Their cement plants can be found near Kimberly and Lichtenburg. Brakpan and Swaziland are where their blending plants are. Roodepoort is the base of their milling plant. Their GGBFS grinding plant is in Vanderbijlpark. Meanwhile, their readymix concrete plants are established in a variety of locations. The company prides itself on their core values, which can be shortened as 3Ps: People, Planet, and Performance., which indicates their dedication toward the community, the environment, and the customers.

The company is also a level 6 contributor of BBBEEE (Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment). AfriSam has worked with approximately 2000 employees and 1000 contractors and is also a major shareholder of Tanga Cement PLC. The bursary is put to action as proof of just how dedicated they are to the community. The program targets students planning on studying on a full time basis in a variety of fields, especially engineering.


AfriSam Bursary Program is awarded to students who are financially challenged. It is available for those who seek to find an opportunity to study on a full time basis at accredited institutions in South Africa. It is granted to students who plan to study in the following fields and disciplines: Mining engineering; Civil engineering; Mechanical engineering; Electrical engineering; Chemical engineering; Industrial engineering; Industrial engineering; Logistics; Supply chain; BSC Chemistry; Geology; Accounting and Human Resources or HR.

The bursary will be accessible and applicable throughout the course of study for the eligible individuals, provided that the individuals in question pass all the courses they register for. In terms of coverage the bursary is applicable for the following items: Registration fees; Tuition fees; Examination fees; Books, specifically any textbooks prescribed for each course and Residence fees.

Judging by the items the bursary covers, it is safe to assume that it only works in partial manners given that it does not cover meals, allowances, and other things unrelated to the study itself. Also, as the bursary is intended for full time studies, the applicant must be able to provide proof of being unemployed. This is pretty fair, seeing that the status of being employed will impede the flexibility required to study on a full time basis.

To be deemed eligible for the bursary, a hopeful applicant must: Have a minimum academic record of 60% average in matric; Comply with the standards of good behavior; Be of financial needs; be okay with relocation should the need arise; be okay to work for AfriSam whenever required; be a citizen of South Africa; currently study or be planning on studying in any one of the aforementioned fields and disciplines and currently study or be planning on studying at a university in South Africa.


Women and those with history of being disadvantaged South Africans will be prioritized. To apply for an AfriSam bursary, an applicant must first download the application form. Afterwards, the application form must be submitted complete with the following documents: a certified copy of ID document; a certified copy of matric certificate, if completed matric; a certified copy of academic record provided in full and complete form, if at a tertiary level; a Curriculum Vitae detailing one’s background, professional and otherwise; a motivational letter, which explains why said applicant deserves the bursary, states the study field that said applicant has chosen, and clarifies the reason for the need for financial assistance and a certified copy of ID documents of parents or guardians. You can see more bursay information in here: BURSARY INFORMATION.

Submission of the application can be conducted through either: by email to: [email protected], with a subject line in the form of: Afrisam Bursary Application – Full Name or hand-delivered to the HR of any branches of AfriSam.

One thing to keep in mind is to pay attention to the closing date. Submission of application after the closing date means the application is unsuccessful so one must be careful and comply with the stated deadline as this is non-negotiable. Also a thing of note is the fact that an applicant should never miss including any one of the documents mentioned above. They are compulsory and play a role in determining whether or not an applicant makes it through the administrative process. Only those meeting the requirements can take part in this program. And only those making the shortlist will be contacted; so, it is safe to assume that an applicant has been unsuccessful if they are not contacted following the submission of the application. Communication will only be established with shortlisted candidates and even then a shortlisted candidate might be dropped off the list altogether should the board deems so.

Meanwhile, shortlisted candidates are to put through a succession of further selection processes including formal selection assessments, medical examination if the requirements call for medical fitness, reference checks, criminal record checks, and verification of citizenship. Only after being able to get through all of these process can a candidate accept the promised bursary to provide them with the financial assistance they required to continue on with their studies at a higher educational level.