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Looking forward for Afrox bursary opportunity? Fortunately, now the chance for you is opened. However, you should know that, a bursary is not a chance for anyone. There are factors that determine whether you win or lose the bursary. In the way to ensure that you are within the circle, in case you are interested to this bursary opportunity at Afrox, some information here in may help. Who can apply for the bursary? If you are now in your first year with sounds academic record, the chance is for you.

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But, here are some other things you should note that the opportunity to apply Afrox bursary only for potential bursars that aim as follow majors; chemical engineering, metallurgical engineering, industrial engineering, and mechanical engineering. Ready to apply? Another thing about the bursary you should know, this one tends to pick those aspiring applicants with destitute family background that fit the requirements that are requested by the official. Successfully apply for the bursary, you have duty and responsibility to take part into vacation work between June to July and December to January during your University break. Within the bursary there is based-on project presentation that should be presented in front of Young Talent Development Committee.

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You know what? That abovementioned committee has authority to renew Afrox bursary over and over again during your study in your tertiary institution until you graduate, even though the bursary is valid only for about a year. In addition, those who wish to update their bursary per year, they should perform best performance for both academic result and vacation work. Consider this bursary? Successful bursars will have access for residence fees that cover laundry and catering, books, and university fees. Now, you can apply for the bursary online by clicking certain link that is provided by its official. Or else, you can source information from its official website.

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