Alfred NZO District Municipality Bursary Application Form

Studying at a university is a great stepping stone for everyone to pursue their life. Why? The university offers a lot of opportunities for students to learn and get the experience of new things. Besides, studying in the university also can open the relationship with other people. They also can improve their leadership skills so that they can get more abilities. That’s why many people are trying so hard to be accepted as students in the university. However, studying at a university is not an easy thing to do. Why? Studying at the university requires a high cost to pay the tuition fee as well as the living cost. This condition makes some students unable to afford the cost. It happens all around the world including in South Africa. This country belongs to a developed country. Therefore, some people are still living in poverty. This condition leads to the difficulty of studying in the university. In order to solve this problem, some institutions and companies in South Africa offer programs about bursaries. Alfred NZO District Municipality give the eligible students a bursary that can cover all their needs. By using the bursary, the students in South Africa have a chance to study in the university and get a degree with it. 

The Bursary for Students in Alfred NZO. The bursary in South Africa can be divided into some types based on its granter. Some of them are from the company while the others are from the government. One of the government’s bursaries is the Alfred NZO District Municipality Bursary. Like its name, this bursary is provided by the government to the students who live in the Alfred Nzo District. Well, this district is located in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. The name of Alred is taken from the name of former minister of foreign affairs of the Nelson Mandela’s Cabinet, Alfred Baphethuxolo Nzo. He is also the former secretary-general of the African National Congress.

Therefore, it’s a great chance for the high school student to continue their study in the university since they can get the bursary from the government. Since the number of applicants is limited to those who live in the Alfred Nzo District, this bursary will be easier for them to get. In addition, this bursary also offers some priory study programs. The students can select which study programs that suitable for them. The available study programs of this bursary are Community Water Service and Sanitation, Geographic Information System, Maritime Studies, Town and Regional Planning, Water Resource Management, and other water and sanitation study programs.

About Alfred NZO District Municipality Bursary Scholarship

The Requirements of Eligibility to Apply for Bursary. The students who want to apply for the bursary of the Alfred Nzo district need to know what are the eligibility requirements. They need to fulfill all of the requirements so that they can be accepted as eligible recipients. The first requirement is being a South African citizen. There are no foreign students who can apply for this bursary. Besides, not all South African citizens are eligible for the bursary. Only the students who live in the Alfred Nzo district can register for the bursary. Another requirement is the age range of the students. They should be in the range of 16 – 35 years old. If the applicants are younger than the minimum age, they will be eliminated in the selection process and vice versa. The applicants also need to complete the Matric OR before enrolling in the bursary. It is used to confirm that the applicants have good willingness about their study.

However, there is a special condition for the students who are still trying to complete the Matric. They can show the progress of Matric to apply for this bursary. The applicants also need to choose one of the available study programs provided by the bursary. The applicants also need to show proof of income. This proof should state that the applicants need the financial support of the bursary. On the other hand, the Alfred NZO District Municipality Bursary will be only given to applicants who have a strong academic background. Therefore, the applicants need to show a record of the academic performance that can show their ability. The interesting point of this bursary is the special preference for disable students. They can prove it by submitting the disability license.

Alfred NZO District Municipality Bursary Program

The Process of Bursary Application. The applicants should follow the process of the bursary admission to be enrolled as the applicants of the bursary. The first thing to do is submit the required documents to the authorized committee of the bursary. One of the required documents is the ID documents that can prove the status of being a South African citizen. The applicants who haven’t finished the Matric OR can show the latest matric. On the other hand, the applicants who have finished the Matric OR can submit the certificate of Matric along with its certified copy. Another required document is the letter of acceptance of the specific university. The applicants who are accepted as students in the recognized university will get more preference to be an eligible recipients of this bursary. The applicants also need to show the residence license from the Ward Council to confirm that the applicants are from the Alfred Nzo district since this bursary is limited to the citizen of this district. You can see more information in this website: BURSARY PROGRAM.

The applicants also need to show the proof of income of their parents. If their parents are passed away, then the applicants need to submit the death certificate. The students also need to make a motivational letter that can show the reasons why the committee needs to choose the applicants as the recipient. If all of the required documents are complete, the applicants can send them to the committee of the Alfred NZO District Municipality Bursary. They can submit the documents via post to the address of The Senior Manager Corporate Services of Alfred Nzo District Municipality in ERF 1400 Ntsizwa Street, Private 4735Bag X 511, Munt Ayliff, 4735. Well, before submitting the documents, the applicants need to make sure that all of the data in the document are correct. In addition, they need to submit the document before the deadline of the submission.