ALLAN GRAY Bursary Orbit Foundation on August 2021

Allan Gray Bursary Orbis Foundation is a scholarship opportunity that is designed for qualified applicants who are currently in grade 6, university and mentor. Successful applicants for the bursary will have chance to enter Placement Schools that include, but not limited by; King Edward VII school, St Alban’s College, Bishop Diocesan Collage, and Clarendon High School. The scholarship will be given to them, when they are already in 8 grade two years later. Allan Gray invites applicants with potential to join the latest Allan Gray Bursary fellowship program for 2020, 2021 & 2022. There are some factors as consideration to determine whether you are qualified or not for the position, like these follow personal attributes; personal initiatives, spirit of significance, courageous commitment, intellectual imagination, and achievement excellence. You can display positive performance toward the aforesaid, you have the chance. Another, be sure that you can meet the below mentioned requirements to win fellowship scholarship opportunity from Allan Gray.

Students who wait for scholarship opportunities at Allan Gray Bursary opportunity from Orbis Foundation, you are now can apply, as the opportunity is opened. The essence of this scholarship is to encourage students to expose their entrepreneurial talent to improve it for a better future. The chance for the scholarship is divided in three groups. First, it is for students in Grade 6; Second, University in first years and Third, Mentor aplication.

In addition, learners should be a SA citizen and previously disadvantaged individual. Too, making sure that you prepare all of the documentations (certified copies) which are required to apply high school scholarship by Allan Gray. Before the application is submitted, you must download the application form from Allan Gray website, also if you look for information about the scholarship opportunity.

Allan Gray Bursary Orbit Foundation

Fellowship scholarship programme is meant for first year students who are; (1) South Africa citizen whose age are not above 22 years old, (2) you have the personal attributions that are requested by the official, (3) you have faith toward the future of your country, South Africa, (4) you are aiming for degree within science (not including medicine), commerce, humanities including economics/philosophy/politics, law or engineering, (5) you should enroll to this tertiary institution, which are UWC, UP, WITS, UCT, UJ, Rhodes, NMMU, UFS, Stellenbosh, or TSiBA, and (6) your minimum average should be not less than 65% on your exam result on June. You have the requested qualification, read below to know how to apply the fellowship scholarship. You can apply in here: APPLY ALLAN GRAY.

CLOSING DATE: 07 August 2020

Those within aforesaid category should aim for a degree in these following, Humanities (Economics, Philosophy, Politics), Law, Engineering, Science (not including Medicine), Commerce, or another degree at UWC, Rhodes, UCT, WITS and some others. The chance is for first year students at University. In common the requirements are almost the same with some additions, such as; you must be enrolled to UP, UFS, TSiBA, Stellenbosch, UWC, Rhodes, NMMU, UCT, UJ or WITS.

The next thing you should do, complete the application for Allan Gray Bursary scholarship, then send the application before the deadline of the bursary program. After the application is submitted, then you are considered as shortlisted applicants for the bursary, Allan Gray will invite shortlisted learners for interview, and to join selection camp in two days. There will be another recruitment procedures until finally the scholars sign Memorandum of Agreement.

Download the application, then complete it properly to apply fellowship scholarship program. Finish with all of the preparations which are necessary. There is nothing like late application to be accepted, so then you better send your application in timely manner.

Applying for the Allan Gray Bursary Orbis Foundation scholarship opportunity, be sure that you are pursuing a degree in these following majors; Law, Engineering, Science (but no Medicine), Commerce, or Humanities for Economics, Politics, or Philosophy. Also, you need to confirm that you can obtain average 65% or above as exam results by mid-year. What you’ll get from this scholarship? There are many, but some of them are; University fees tuition, tutor allowances, book, accommodation with meals, a stipend for monthly expense, and many more. Ensure to download the application online.