Anglo American Thermal Coal Bursary Opportunities

Latest application for bursary opportunities at Anglo American are given for qualified students who pursue one of these following field of studies; rock engineering, mining engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. A bursary program is like a great opportunity of students that look for some ways to finance their education. Through the bursary, they can aim their qualification for a better future with ease and convenience. In fact, the only thing that should become their concern is about maintaining their excellent academic record than anything else. Looking forward for the opportunity?

ZA Bursary

Students with potential who have interest toward above mentioned field of study, here are requirements to consider before applying bursary opportunities at Anglo American that include; (1) suitable applicants should be a citizen of South Africa, and (2) ensure that you hold grade 12 with addition physical science level-5/Symbol C or pure maths. You have the requirements who are requested by the bursary, in the case that you have interest toward the bursary, submit your recent curriculum vitae, academic records, and bursary application form to one of HR department of Anglo American Operations around you. Alternately, apply online for the bursary.

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Keep in mind that the application for bursary opportunities at Anglo American meets its deadline on June 30th 2016. In addition, the application that is submitted late or later than its closing date either online or directly to their HR department, it will be not considered. Nevertheless, correspondence will be given to those whose application are successful. Therefore, applicants that receive nothing from Anglo American Operations until August 7th it means you have no chance for the bursary. That’s all the thing you should know about the recent bursary opportunities that is schemed by Anglo American Operations, take your chance, since this can be your bridge of your success to have your future career.

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