Arcelormittal Bursary Scholarship Opportunity

Opportunity for qualified applicants who are passionate to be part in engineering industry to join Arcelormittal bursary scholarship program this year. Potential applicants have access for these mentioned position; refractory mason, instrumentation, electrician, millwright, fitter, fitter and turner, and welder boilermaker. The chance for the bursary scholarship, however, is destined for applicants that take part in UIF (Unemployed Benefit Fund). You need to tag along your proof of former employment. A complete grade 11 with maths (no maths lit) English, either engineering or physical science, pertinent trade theory and one extra technical subject, those are qualifications you should afford.

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Or else, applying Arcelormittal bursary scholarship program, be sure that you have, (1) a complete NVC level 3, else NQF level 3 for technical learnership with relevant technical subjects, (2) complet N2 to N6 certificate for engineering science, maths, relevant technical subjects (additional), and related trade theory. In addition, ensure that you attach minimum grade 11 for evidence in English. Actually, your chance will be increased if you have certification from accredited formal trade (related) institution training. In the way to secure your position, submit your application with the addition of qualifications, identity document, and curriculum vitae, simply before the closing date of the said bursary scholarship.

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Submitting the application of Arcelormittal bursary scholarship, write down both the position you want to apply and the reference number of the bursary that is VDB-UIFAPPR-1. Making sure that before you send the application you knew that, (1) there is contractual training agreement and particularized payment cost, (2) undergo medical examination for successful applicants only, (3) higher opportunity for qualified applicants from destitute family, and (4) as your sending the application, it means you give permission for your personal information. Finally, there is a chance for employment opportunity within the company, but it is not guaranteed.

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