ARMSCOR Bursary: Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry, Science

For a job seeker, choosing the right job that will ensure a future career can be very difficult. For those who are interested in military fields, in this article, we will explain about ARMSCOR Bursary scholarship to give you an idea about working in the said company. ARMSCOR, an abbreviation of Armaments Corporation of South Africa is a company by South African Department of Defense that handle weaponries procurement in South Africa. The company was initially founded around 1968 as a weaponries production company, mainly as an answer to United Nations’ international sanctions to South Africa, which were formalized in 1967 after starting in 1963. The headquarters is located in Pretoria, South Africa. Armscor is an expert in acquisition for more than six decades. This agency has wide range of technology knowledge, such as upgrading and development, disposal and maintenance of products, and technology development. The acquisition role of Armscor can be divided into 4 groups, namely procurement, technology acquisition, support for product systems acquisition, and capital equipment purchase. The agency’s acquisition expertise includes system support and maintenance, vehicle manufacture and design, naval vessels, artillery systems, unmanned inflight vehicles, small caliber munitions and ammunitions, unguided or guided weapon systems, control and command systems, radar systems, electronic combat systems, aircraft (rotary and fixed wing), and telecommunication systems (tactical and static).

Students with huge interest to participate in defence industry, this is your chance to join Armscor Bursary Opportunity. The bursary programme allows you to study with ease and convenient toward subjects relevant to the bursary programme. Nevertheless the requirements, therefore applicants have chance to join bursary programme at Armscor are; (1) applicants should be first, second, or third year students studying either in University of technology or University, (2) aim to continue their study in science or engineering, (3) obtain excellent result for grade 12 in maths (level 5), Science (level 6), and English (level 7), and (4) your are coming from destitute family background.

Successfully win Armscor bursary programme, applicants will attain privilege that covers; vacation support, coaching, and mentoring, prescribed books, meals and accommodation, tuition fees, and psychological support (individual counseling), this way applicants can keep up dealing with obstacles they meet during the bursary programme. Curious about fields of studies in-line with the bursary opportunity, please note the following; BSc in Ergonomics for students attempt post graduate degree, statistics, applied maths, science, computer science engineering, industrial engineering, electronics engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, aeronautical engineering and mechanical engineering.

Armscor also provides evaluation and test services. The facilities included in this service are listed below: Alkantpan Testing Range: this testing range is situated in the middle of semi-desert area of South Africa. This place becomes an all-in-one ballistic test field for many type of ammunition and weapons, ranging from medium to large caliber. Surveillance trails tests, insensitive munitions, ageing, and hazard classification are also being conducted in this place; Gerotek Test Facilities: in Gerotek, product and vehicle testing services are provided to all customers, including private customers. Corporate events and advanced training facilities are also provided and As for research and development division, it specialized in providing and supporting scientific and operational research, and also artillery and vehicle evaluation and testing services. The research and development dividing keep on producing innovative services and products that undergo rigorous evaluation and testing processes using international standard.

There is also operational scientific research division. There are a lot of department under this division. Some of them are: Technology Management and Analysis: this department manages and controls technology programs in various fields to maintain and develop competences in South Africa that will support the novel and changing requests of South African National Defense Force. Institute for Maritime Technology: this department maintains and develops a sustainable competence for delivering techno-military proficiency to assist marine decision making in particular naval proficiency domains. IMT specialized in evaluation and testing, research and development of naval systems.

Innovation: this department is responsible to manage intellectual property acquired or created during the projects of technology development or purchase of defense materials, in the name of Department of Defense. Protechnik Laboratories: this department consist of multidisciplinary laboratory facilities with the main focus on Biological and Chemical Defense Research and Development. Armor Development: this department runs nonstop development and research to advance and maintain technologies of armor protection and to accomplish industrial competence, to fulfill requirements of armor protection over the whole hazard spectrum. This includes qualification and testing on vehicle body ballistic resistance, analysis in clients’ protection needs, and development of armor.


Armscor, the Armaments Corporation of South Africa, in partnership with the defence industry, is offering bursaries to exceptional learners through the Armscor Bursary Scheme. The aim of the scheme is to address the critical science and engineering skills of the defence industry, by focusing on promoting and improving results in Maths, Science and technical
subjects at schools. The bursaries will be awarded to learners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds who intend to study full time in the engineering and science fields of study. You see information ARMSCOR PROGRAM and then DOWNLOAD ARMSCOR APPLICATION FORM.

CLOSING DATE: 28 February 2021

Those are some of information about ARMSCOR that can be useful for those who are willing to work in this government company and experience working in weaponries procurement. Meet the requirements of Armscor program, you have to download the application form online, and to tag along supported documents, which are, matric results, curriculum vitae, and academic results. Fail to forward complete document, your application won’t be accepted. Speak of application form, Applicants can send to: Senior Manager (Learning & Organisation Development), ARMSCOR LTD, Private Bag X337, Pretoria, 0001. Email: [email protected]. Even the application is already opened, and anyone can directly apply the said bursary programme, however, there is no closing date stated. In short the bursary programme stays opened as far as the position is available.