2018-2019 Artisan Traineeship Program From McCain Foods

Considering to join artisan traineeship programme, McCain Foods provides unemployed potential graduates to apply the training programme that they set. In fact, you have chance to choose one among three different opportunities, such as; trainee artisan electrical, trainee artisan refrigerator, and artisan millwright traineeship. All of the previously mentioned traineeship opportunity you can get them by applying for the chance online. Obviously, to the position that is available, you have to meet the requested requirements which you can find all of them below.

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Take a part to artisan traineeship programme, you should; (1) hold either NTC 2 engineering science qualification or grade 12, (2) a problem solver, (3) both mechanical reasoning and technical know-how, (4) within subject that you’ve learned, there should be electrical trade theory, mechanical trade theory, or mechano-technics, (5) excellent communication skill and interpersonal skill, (6) capability to work with computer, (7) assertive individual, (8) orientation to result, (9) have no previous experience, and (10) good health that is proven through medical exam. You can manage to match the requirements, shall you apply for the traineeship programme before the closing date of the programme which is in April 16th.

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Other thing you better know when it comes to artisan traineeship programme, even though there is possibility for you to get permanent employment once the traineeship programme is completed, there is no guarantee about it. However, if there a vacancy at the time you need one, you will be considered. Only for successful trainee, you are obliged to; (1) sign contract of apprenticeship, (2) perform training that includes weekend shifts and work overtime, and (3) undergo a training as an apprentice in certain trade. Take some time to prepare the requirements that are needed to win the bursary, and once its done, apply online your chance for the traineeship programme.

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