ATNS Bursary

Are you living in the South Africa and you are a student? If yes you are, you should know that there are many bursary options you can take if you have required all of the requirements of bursary itself. There are thousands options of bursary you can take based on your interest. If you are interested to the aeronautical program, you can take to the ATNS bursary program of AIMO programme which can help you in reaching your dream. You need to know that if you take this bursary in your life, you can get many advantages as what this bursary offers to you. However, if you want to get this bursary, you need to do hard to ensure you get the chance to learn more about the aeronautical field. AIMO program is Aeronautical Information Management Officer program you can take if you want to work in AIM officer. Reach something big needs more hard work you should do to get it come true. If you require these things: medically fit, South Africa citizen, have higher grade of English and math level 4 or SG C or HG D upwards, minimum 18 years old, you should try to submit your application to this bursary.

This Aeronautical Information Management officer is the vascular and skeletal system of the Air Traffic Management body. If you want to grow and develop skills in AIM Officer Careers, you should not miss it away. There are many opportunities for you should not miss it if you really want to work to this AIM officer which can help you to grow these following careers like Aeronautical Surveying, Aeronautical Flight Procedural Design and Charting, Publication of Integrated Aeronautical Information Packages, Static and Dynamic Data Management, NOTAM, Communications, and ATS Flight-Planning. With this bursary, you are able to work in this office if you have the tests and also the requirements of the bursary needs.

You should not get dizzy in finding other places to work because you just have to focus and work hard to stay in the office well. You also should know that this bursary allows you to join this bursary program which can conduct in the ATNS ATA (Aviation Training Academy) in Bonaero Park. You also can get some offers from the bursary like non-academic of 10 days activities as determined from study program coordinators, monthly allowance, the daily meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner, transport to and from ATNS ATA per study as well as practical requirements, accommodation at guest lodge, fees for the tuition of ATS Core Content Course. For those of you who want to see this BURSARIES, you can see in here:

After you have finished the initial course in the ATNS ATA and successfully complete it, the ATNS may offer you to get contract of six months fixed-term to complete the necessary operational of on the job training in aeronautical communications or flight planning. In the bursary contract, you should accept this contract well. During this time, you will get the salary but you will not get the accommodation, transport, pension, medical aid, and so on.

You also can work in the shift environment and you must ensure that you can on time to do your shifts. If you have passed to all of modules, examinations as well as courses, you will be hired for them to be the permanent employment. It means you can get full salary including all of the full benefits like pension, medical aid, and many more. However, if you don’t pass this contract, you will be ended and will get nothing, so you should work hard to reach it.