Bankseta Learnership Career and Learnership 2018-2019

Bank is one of vital organization in economy industry. It is an influential institute all over the world and contributes a big amount of support in developing the economy. In fact, bank has provided public and private sector in a country as well as has expanded the establishment internationally. This describes a clear picture about a significant contribution of bank’s performance and adds a plus point about the establishment of bank in a country. At the present, there is a chance for you to be capable person in such promising institution. Through Bankseta career learnership, people in South Africa can lead their future in banking enterprises. From time to time, the learnership educates the people in South Africa to be the leader in banking and micro-finance industry. Also, a part of Skills Development Act of 1998, Bankseta career learnership promotes the establishment of professionals in banking and microfinance sector and opens the gate for the young people to seek their potentials in comprehending the system in banking industries. The learnership has an ultimate view that the people who have finished the courses and training can be the investment for banking and micro-finance sector in South Africa. The learnership also introduces the values that assist them to lead their way in economy. The values are respect, innovation, costumer focus, professionalism, diversity, integrity, and teamwork. These values will be given through the learnership and it will encourage the young people to be the competent candidate in the leading bank industry.

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For many years, Bankseta career learnership has maintained to exchange knowledge with the applicants and continue to reformate the program in learnership to adapt the industrial environment in South Africa. The reformation indicates the improvement of the learnership in giving the right education for the applicants. The learnership also keeps up with the condition of current banking and micro-finance industry that help the learnership to understand about the status of the banking industries in South Africa. The lessons about latest matter of banking in South Africa will be completed with the training to manage the progress in South Africa. Bankseta career learnership also promotes for the employment equity for all people in South Africa as projected in National Skills Development Strategy II targets, namely 85% Black, 54% Female, and 4% disabled. So, all people can acquire the same education, skill, and ability which later guide the applicant to begin their career in the banking and micro-finance industry. The learnership also boosts the applicants to be an active individual that can compete in the industry and gradually provides new training to keep the great qualities of human resources in South Africa. You can entrust your future to learnership because they will invest some skills for digging the potential that you have.

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This year is the perfect year for you join Bankseta career learnership. The learnership gives the guidance for you to be the person who meets all requirements in the banking industry. You will love the dynamic and friendly atmosphere that has been offered by the learnership during your stay in the program. Our staffs and tutors are also very helpful in succeeding your learnership. You will not face any difficult matter in learnership as long as you contribute your fully attention to be the potential candidate in banking and micro-finance sector.

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Bankseta career learnership encourages all of you to join the legacy and you can build your own success story in the learnership. The learnership will guarantee that you will not waste your time and energy during the learnership. You will gain fruitful result by the time you have finished the learnership. You also get opportunities to know the professionals in the banking world and share some knowledge with them.


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