BASIL READ Bursary Scholarship Civil Engineering

Nowadays, many people realize that having a degree in the university can help to change their life. Getting a degree in the university can open some opportunities so that they will get a better life and brighter future. Therefore, many people are doing their best to be accepted as students in the university. However, studying in the university has a classic problem. It’s related to the cost that should be paid or the tuition fee of the university. The students who come from rich and well-maintained families can easily get into university. However, students from poor families may not be able to study in the university due to financial problems. This problem often happens in the developed countries including South Africa.  In this country, the cost of studying in a university especially a bachelor’s degree is quite expensive. Therefore, many students who come from a poor families cannot afford to pay the tuition fee and fulfill the living cost. On the other hand, the country needs a lot of students with the degree of the university to develop their country. In order to solve this problem, some companies that operate in South Africa offer the bursary to the South African students that have potential to study in the university. One of the best bursaries that can be chosen by the students is the BASIL READ Bursary.

Knowing More About BASIL READ Bursary. Just like its name, this bursary is provided by the BASIL READ Company found by Basil Leonard Read in 1952. This company focuses on the development of the infrastructure in South Africa such as roads, buildings, housing, mining, and others. Therefore, the BASIL READ Company focuses on how to improve the skill and capacity of the young people in South Africa in the field of engineering. This is the reason why this company offers the bursary in the term of the  BASIL READ Bursary.


They will help the students to get the skill, knowledge, and ability in the term of the engineering. Therefore, this bursary offers financial support in some study programs. The first one is Civil Engineering with the degree as BSc or BEng. The second one is Mining Engineering with the degree as BSc, BEng, and National Diploma. The third one is Quantity Surveying with the degree as BSc and BSc Hons. Therefore, the students who get the bursary can continue their studies in the university and get the ability and skill in the engineering fields. 

The Requirement to Be Eligible Recipient of Bursary. Well, in order to get the bursary, the applicants should possess some criteria dan requirements for the bursary. Generally, the committee of the bursary recruitment will consider the applicants that can fulfill all of the requirements only. Therefore, the applicants need to know the detail of the requirement so that they can prepare the documents as best as they can. The first requirement is proof of the South African Citizen. Why? This bursary will be given only to the students who come from South Africa. So, the presence of the card of the license being a South African Citizen is important. Besides, the applicant also needs to show the completed matric in the senior high school. If they don’t have completed matric, then the students will not be considered eligible applicants for the bursary.

Well. the students also should possess good academic records. It can be proven by submitting the validated academic records from the school. Since the bursary supports the engineering fields, the applicants with excellent mathematics and science will have a higher chance to be selected as the recipient bursary. The applicants also need to follow the regulation as full-time students in the selected fields at accredited and validated South African Institutions. Well, the applicants also need to show good leadership with high motivation and interest in the field of engineering. 

Applying for the Bursary. The students who are interested in BASIL READ Bursary can apply for the bursary by following the scheme. The first thing to do is download the application form for the bursary. After that, the applicants need to complete the data in the application form. Then, the applicants have to submit all of the required documents. In order to submit the completed documents, the applicants have to know the details of the required documents. So, what are the needed documents? The first one is the result of the most recent examination. The applicants also need to submit the ID Documents such as student cards and residence cards. Well, if the students have the certificates of academic achievement, they can submit those certificates. It will help them to get a better chance in the selection process of the bursary. The applicants also need to send a color photo with the passport size.


After preparing all the documents, the applicants can send the application form and the documents to the committee of the bursary. There are several ways to send the documents. The first one is by sending the documents via post to the following address: The Skills Development and Bursary Facilitator Basil Read Limited Private Bag X170 Bedfordview, 2008. Another way is by sending the file through email by using the following address: [email protected]You can see information in here: BURSARY INFORMATION.

The Facility of The Bursary. Well, BASIL READ Bursary offers some facilities to the recipient. Therefore, the recipient can study in the university properly without worrying the financial problem. The first one is the tuition fee. This bursary can pay all of the tuition fees of the granted scholar. So, the tuition will be free for all of the recipients. Another facility is the living cost. This bursary covers the living cost of the students during their time of study. Besides, some students will get additional funding support for their transportation from their house to the university.

By using those facilities, the students can study and get more knowledge that will give a lot of benefits to their life. Well, the applicants that want to get more information, can ask some questions through the email of the committee in [email protected]. They also can come to the office of the BASIL READ Bursary in The Basil Read Campus 7 Romeo Street Hughes Boksburg.