BHP Billiton Mining Careers Learnerships Program

Are you searching for a job in mining fields that will give you a promising career in the future? If the answer is yes, then choosing BHP Billiton career learnership can be a great stepping stone for you. This company is one of the best producers of main commodities in the world. These commodities include uranium, copper, metallurgical coal, and iron ore. BHP Billiton also takes significant interests in energy coal, oil, and gas. The main activity of this company is to process and extract gas, minerals, and oil from their production operations situated mainly in the Americas and Australia. The products of this company are sold globally, with marketing and sales led through United States, particularly Houston, and Singapore. The global headquarters of BHP Billiton is located in Melbourne, Australia. This company runs with a structure of Dual Listed Company. It has 2 parent corporations (BHP Billiton Plc. and BHP Billiton Ltd) operated as one economic unit. This company is operated by a joined management and board.

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BHP Billiton has approximately 65,000 workforces and contractors around the world. This company prioritize their employees’ safety and health and keep on trying to make an environment that are free from occupational illnesses, fatalities, and injuries. The scope and size of the company allow them to create significant influences to communities. The long-term characteristic of their operations enable the company to create collaborative community connections. The aim of the company is to minimize their environmental footmarks with innovations, maximize the economic and social advantages of their operations, and contribute to the development of economy.

The safety, wellbeing, and health of BHP Billiton’s workforces is the main concern of the organization. Their BHP charter importance of sustainability enunciate safety as a major element. The nature of the company’s working environments expose their contractors and employees to risk. The objective of the charter is to recognize the said risks and apply controls. The risk assessments of material safety include possible community influences and managements to handle and reduce these wider impacts. The company’s safety requirement standard determines several most familiar safety threats and their controls. Every operation evaluates further managements that may be needed to control specific risks in the operation to fulfill “no fatalities” objective. The company believes that having the correct managements to effectively control the risks that create safety influences will initiate the improvement for safety outcomes. BHP Billiton keep on providing chances for communication to enhance the company’s safety performance. Regular meeting with contractors and employees includes safety and health committees, safety toolbox conversations, pre-begin meetings, and in-place leaders’ discussion about safety risks specific to the job. All of these efforts are made to demonstrate the company’s priority of safe working environment.

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So, why, BHP Billiton is a good place to start your career? First, it is because of the company’s employees are working and living in some of the most dynamic and unique environments around the world. Using the spirit of unity, the team struggles for excellence, commits to work in line with the company’s Charter values, and being rewarded for excellent performance. The company also appeal, hire, and improve people with notable competences who share the same values with the company and is willing to be the agent of change. Throughout the business, the company encourage their people to expand their skills and utilize their functional capability to help the company contribute to the future and deliver their strategy.

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