BP Bursary

Have you ever heard the benefits of following BP Bursary program? This is one of prestigious bursary that will help you to improve yourself better later especially being the graduates from this program. What you need to know from this bursary will be much more important since there is nothing worthless if you follow the scholarships. For better understanding and introduction of this bursary, let’s see more in these following explanations. This bursary was accommodated by BP which is formerly the British Petroleum. It is known as one of the best petrol company which is also doing the diesel retailing in South Africa. You might have understood that this company has succeeded to improve its company quality since it is much professional.

There are many employees that have been worked in this company. More than 1000 individuals have trusted to join the company and be a part of the good growth in this field. Moreover, BP has also been known in overseas. Many other countries also develop their relation by having an association with this company. Since BP always proves to give the best, it makes its profile being nice to many other companies in business enlargement.

In the case to contribute more on society, BP has its bursary program to those undergraduates in any nationalities. If you are interested enough to join, you might know what the requirements have been released to fulfill. Who knows, you can be one of the best candidates that this company looks for. The application of this year is still opened. It must be a good chance to prove you also deserve the best as you pursue the bright future. Later, you will get the study in UK University to be specific in Oxford University. The more important thing to know is, this bursary is opened for many subjects. It does not limit the major you take, as long as you are in the study of STEM subjects.

It is also addressed for those who take Managements and Economics. For more specific details, the list of the subjects will be Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Earth Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Physics. The Engineering Sciences and, Mathematics and Statistics will be also involved. So, you can see that the chance is bigger than you think. But, for those who are in joint honor course are not allowed to apply this BP scholarship. This scholarship will not give any limitations of your college background. It means those who comes from overseas will also be able to join this program. You can APPLY in here: APPLY BP BURSARY

The other requirements to see is the undergraduate students can follow this bursary registration even though they are in the fresh year. It must be one of the benefits since many other bursary gives the limits on it. To be you attention, the selection will also require the academic records. Make sure that you have the better grades in accumulation or even above the average.

It must be more considered to be a succeeded applicant of this bursary program. The receiver later will have an opportunity to be the next intern after the graduates program. They will also have an advantage to take some free days to know more about gas and oil that is shown by BP Company. Moreover, the receivers will also have a privilege to follow the three days summer internship program that this very much good to improve the skills.