Bursary And Graduate Programme From Liberty

Both bursary and internship programme are offered by Liberty to help talented South Africa youth to attain their future. For the bursary, the chance is given for students that aim for actuarial sciences from higher institutions around South Africa. Widen your way for the opportunity that is schemed by Liberty, ensure that you are able to display excellent performance. So to speak, the bursary opportunity will be renewed per year. Which means, each bursars can re-apply the bursary  each year, but one condition, they should attain excellent academic results. In addition, the opportunity to apply the bursary is meant for any applicants who are able to meet the requirement of the bursary.

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Student Bursary

Still, applicants who are colored, black, and Indian, they have more chance for the bursary. Because of theoretical skill is not enough, successful applicants of bursary and graduate programme will have chance for vacation work that is situated in Liberty head office within June and December. You know, Actuarial career is so promising for the higher demands. Even so, it won’t work for you, if you have no practical experience. That is why, Actuarial through Actuarial development Programme, talented young generation is supported with graduate programme.


Various benefits successful applicants will obtain from bursary and graduate programme from Liberty. Through bursary and graduate opportunity, Liberty as the official will help applicants with potential to aim their bright future by encouraging performance drive, work culture, and plenty more. Nevertheless, qualified applicants who expect to be part of Liberty through their bursary and graduate opportunity, you can apply online right before the closing date of the programme that you choose. If it is a bursary programme, the closing date is on August 31st 2016. Whilst for the graduate programme (BSc Actuarial Science), the closing date is on 31st July 2016.

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