Bursary Program for Anglogold Ashanti

Studying in a college is actually a good chance for everyone to get better future. There are so many people who are looking for the best experience in getting the college study. If you are looking for having the best experience, you can make sure that you will have the financial aid. This is because the financial aid will cover your needs in college. This can be considered as scholarship. But, do you know that there is actually a program which will be better and wider in the coverage aspect, which is the bursary?

Bursary program is a kind of program which is actually a good thing to consider. The bursary is different with the scholarship. If scholarship will only cover for the tuition fee, you will have the bursary to cover almost all your need in the college, like the accommodation needs and even the book cost. This makes you have to consider having the bursary program for getting the free college tuition fee. In this case, you can find that the bursary for Anglogold Ashanti is open and you can join the program if you are younger than 35 years old.

PROGRAM:  Social Work Bursary Scholarship at Gauteng Department of Social Development

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There are some requirements you have to fulfil in your application. The applicants should embed the documents like the South African Identity documents, the CV which details the working experience you have and also the National Senior Certificate you have. By embedding those documents you can get the easiness of getting the chance for the bursary program. If you are interested with the program, you can easily get the documents to be sent to Community_Bursary@AngloGoldAshanti.com before the due date on 30 September. The bursary will be really, really useful for you who want to get the best experience in learning without having to pay for the tuition fee.

PROGRAM:  SAPPI Bursary Programme

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