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CETA is a company which engaged with construction field. It is company that known as Construction Education and Training Authority. The company has been recognized for more than a decade and it is formed after the promulgation of the Skills Development Act, 97 of 1998. The company holds strong values in its establishment as a company which tied with responsiveness, respect, integrity, and professionalism. Also, CETA is responsible in developing the improvement of people in South Africa within the construction sector through CETA learnership career. The learnership seeks young people in South Africa to deeply involve with the construction industry. There will be the courses which concentrating in refining the skills and knowledge of the potential applicants in South Africa. The courses assist the improvement of these applicants regularly during the learnership; and CETA learnership career ensures that these potential human resources can apply their improved skills and abilities right after they have finished their courses. The learnership also monitors the progress of their future candidates wisely, so they can apply their trained courses in the right area within construction industry.

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There are some benefits that the applicants can gain through their learning in CETA learnership career. The advantage of being taught by the professionals in construction industry in South Africa is the real deal in here. It is because the construction industry continues to grow gradually. Timeric has reported that a compound annual growth rate in construction industry of South Africa 2.33% from 2011 to 2015; and that will influence the upcoming compound annual growth as it is predicted that the rate will increase into 2.62% in 2016 to 2020. This alone describes the promising prospect of the construction industry and the prospect can be the perfect reason for you to join CETA learnership career. The learnership offers you a chance in comprehending the world of construction industry in South Africa as well as to be dependable human resources within the industry. There is a lot of experience that you can have during the learnership and it is all aimed for the success for yours in expanding knowledge in construction sector. The learnership also maintains the great qualities of the courses to meet the requirements that have been preserved by CETA as CETA has a certain mission and vision in construction industry. The company holds a purpose that they need to be the foundation for infrastructural development and economic empowerment; it is hand in hand with the vision which focuses on ideal goal to be a firm pillar of skills for all in construction and nation-building.

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It is the time to stand up, join hand in hand with CETA learnership career. The learnership promises good future for you and it is all up you to take the promise or not. The learnership has trained many people before you and each of them has taken part in the society as the active members of South Africa in improving economy. This is your moment to have the same path. You are our potential human resources, the ones that will hold the upcoming improvement of South Africa’s economy. The learnership also leads you to be the people who can shoulder the development of South Africa’s vision to great a better place.

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Let’s start the first step in taking the path. As a South Africa citizen, you have the right to improve yourself, to have a better skill and to increase the knowledge about the construction sector in South Africa. The learnership has selected many courses that surely help you to grip the basic to advanced knowledge about construction sector. CETA learnership career will be your right guidance in beginning your new life.


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