Chieta Bursary Program

Bursary program is the best program to increase the knowledge about working experience. This program is similar with traineeship program. This program is also has many benefits. One of the benefits of this program is you will meets with the professionals trainers to share the lessons for you. This article will give you some information about the great bursary program called Chieta Bursary. Chieta is the company which is opening the bursary program for South African peoples. Then, how to apply this program? Don’t worry. You will know more about this program in this article. So, just check this article to know more information.

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Chieta Bursary

To apply this program you have to fill the requirements. First, this is for South African citizen. Second, this is for youth age 16 to 35 years old. Third, you have to have mathematics and physical science with high points. Fourth, the applicants have to complete their previous semesters. Fifth, the applicants have to ready to stay in the boarding school until finish their study. That’s all about the requirements about Chieta Bursary 2017, 2018 & 2019 program. This program is special for some fields like; petroleum, base chemical, glass, explosives, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, fast moving consumer goods, specialty chemicals, surface coating. If you are had passion to these fields, you must try to apply this program.

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Chieta Bursary Application Form

Well, that’s all about the program of Chieta Bursary. This program is very interesting. They will give you the opportunity to get the best point. This program is special for South African citizen. So, don’t forget to attach your ID copy, final grade copy, and the proof of registration formto apply this program. More over if you are have big dream to be a success person. Hopefully this article is able to increase your information about how to apply Chieta Bursary program. See you in the next article and good luck.

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