City of Cape Town Bursary

In this globalization era, high education level can be considered as an important parts in our life. A lot of companies and corporations are searching for employees with expertise on certain fields, which can only be gained through advanced education. However, not everyone is as fortunate as others. Many people, especially in developing countries, have difficulties in pursuing higher education due to financial constraint. To solve this issue, a lot of parties have provided bursaries, including government, companies, and institution. If you are living in Cape Town, South Africa, then you can try to apply on City of Cape Town bursary.

As a city with the fastest growth in South Africa, it is understandable that a lot of people want to explore, work, and live in the city. Thus, it is a government vision to create a welcoming city; a city where people can proudly mention as their home. The government is willing to make Cape Town as a place that care, respect, and love the citizen, both at public institutions and home. They want everyone, including the poor, disabled, elders, youth, and children, to get a fair opportunity to be a significant part of the society, happy, and healthy.

To support the vision of the government, there are several strategies to be implemented. One of the strategy that focus on education is called National Development Plan or NDP. This strategy aims to reduce inequality and eliminate poverty by 2030. To realize these purposes, the government need to promote partnerships and leadership throughout society, enhance the state’s capacity, build capabilities, grow a comprehensive economy, and draw on the people’s energies. The strategy envisions a country where chance is defined by hard work, education, and ability; where everyone holds their maximum potential; and where everyone can feel both freedom and connections with others. This strategy is structured approximately fourteen priority outcomes that cover several focus fields, including social cohesion, nation-building, social protection, public sector, international relations, environment, local government, human settlements, rural development, infrastructure, skill development, employment and economic growth, security and safety, health, and education.

The government of Cape Town understand that education can be very pricey for a lot of people. Thankfully, there are many ways to earn financial support, regardless of the sources, including private companies, social organizations, and government. Every year, the city provides around 75 external bursaries for skills that are considered significant for the economy or rare. Rare skills include science or engineering. For rare skills bursaries, it will cover full-time education and several aspects, such as transport and accommodation, examination fees, tuition, and registration fees. You can also get practical training that is relevant to your major during your studying period. There is also a mentor that will help you during the study provided by the government. The selection is conducted based on the financial need, specific requirements related to the rare skills the government is looking for, and the relevant staffing strategy of the department. You can apply in here: List of City of Cape Town Bursary

Some of the important requirements that you need to understand before applying are listed below:

  • This bursaries are only relevant for full-time diplomas and postgraduate or undergraduate degrees at approved institutions.
  • Graduated from school. For third or second year in the scarce study field will be advertised and predetermined by the city.
  • Limited to South Africa’s residents.

Those are several information regarding the overview of City of Cape Town visions and strategy, and its bursaries, which may be beneficial for students in needs for financial aids who are planning to apply the bursary in the future.