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With the rapid development of every life aspect in the world, human lifestyle becomes more and more competitive each day, especially in term of job seeking. Having a job, a stable one, is a crucial part in our life as we need to earn money to maintain our quality of life. Even so, there are many people that face difficulties in finding a suitable job according to their capabilities and passion. In this article, we will give some information regarding Mbombela career learnership to help you find the most suitable job for you, especially if you are a citizen of South Africa, an Mbombela citizen in particular. Mbombela means ‘many people together within a tiny space’. It is derived from Siswati word. This word describes aptly several areas in Mbombela Local Municipality jurisdiction area within the Province of Mpumalanga, South Africa. The municipality occurred through the merger of several former local councils in 2000, within December to be exact.  Those local councils included the Greater Nelspruit Area, Hazyview TLC, White River TLC, White River TRC, and Nelspruit TRC. The Administration and Council of the newly-generated structure has a commitment to ensure the development and growth of various communities in a way that improves community accountability and participation.

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The Mbombela area is a proximately 3,451 km2 in size with the population up to 734,482 people based on the 2006 population census. The human development index of Mbombela according to IDP 2002 is 0.56. Mbombela was previously known as a widespread outpost of the north-eastern part of South Africa. It was also known for providing an easy access to the infamous Kruger National Park for visitors while other areas are pretty much lack of access, which make is town a frontier area. However, thanks to the economic development and political change of the N4 Maputo Corridor, this town has changed to be the gateway for a business center, provincial capital, and neighboring markets.

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Essentially, this town was established on August 28th, 1884. At that time, the Republican Volksraad agreed on plans to construct a railway to connect the newly founded Lowveld goldfields to Johannesburg. The railway was finally established in 1895. After the establishment, the growth of the town become more rapid due to people rushed to purchase land around and in the area or Mbombela City. These days, the prices of properties in the city are soaring and the economy of the city received advantages from the proximity of the town with Swaziland and Mozambique. Tourism also become a promising aspect that are defined as the area of growth. Mbombela City is located near the Eastern Escarpment. It also provides easy access to a lot of best game perks in the world. There is also National Botanical Gardens you can visit, with its 154 hectares land near the Crocodile River’s eastern bank, offering around 512 species of native plants.

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The vision of this city is to be the city of excellence. As for the mission, Mbombela aspires to provide a learning and high performing municipality that outdoes in the delivery of sustainable service and development facilitation via sound principles of corporate governance and Batho Pele. To maintain the services provided within the city, the municipality uses several values to help them in guiding the behavior of every people to achieve the vision and mission of the city. Those values are transparency, honesty, excellence to community, passion, efficiency, accountability, commitment, empathy, sustainability, and selflessness. The paragraphs above already elaborate the overview of Mbombela City for those who wish to work in the city.


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