Coca Cola Bursary

Education is considered as an important part in our life, especially in developing countries. There are a lot of companies who prefer to hire employees with high level of education. Some of these companies also offer bursaries for several field that are deemed to be beneficial for the future of the company. After the education finished, these companies will immediately hire you to work in their group. One of them is Coca Cola. This company can be considered as the biggest beverage company in the world, refreshing their consumers with over 500 still and sparkling brands and almost 3900 beverage options. Some of the popular brands of this company include Gold Peak, Georgia, Del Valle, Simply, Minute Maid, PowerAde, vitamin water, Dasani, Sprite, Fanta, Coca Cola Zero, and Diet Coke. Coca cola has a lot of branches around the world. If you currently living in South Africa, you may want to apply to Coca Cola bursary provided by Coca Cola in Africa.

With the rapid changing around the world, Coca cola looks ahead to continue thriving as a business for the next 10 years and more. Understanding the forces and trends that will form their business ahead, and moving swiftly to make sure the business is ready for the future are the core of this company. The missions of Coca Cola are to create a difference, to make value, to inspire happiness and optimism moments, and to give a refreshment to the world. These missions declare the company’s purpose and sever as the guidance of their decisions and actions. The vision of Coca Cola becomes the framework of their Roadmap and direct each aspect of their business by determining what the company need to achieve to continue accomplishing quality and sustainable growth. The visions are listed below:

  • Productivity: be a fast-moving, lean, and highly effective organization
  • Profit: optimize long-term returns to shareholders while also being aware of the company’s overall responsibilities
  • Planet: become a responsible resident that create a difference by supporting and building sustainable communities
  • Partners: nurture suppliers and customers’ winning network and creating mutual and enduring value
  • Portfolio: introduce quality drink brands’ portfolio to the world that satisfy and anticipate people’s needs and desires.
  • People: become a wonderful workplace where workers can be inspired to give their best

The company holds several values that serve as the guide in their decisions and actions. Those values are quality (to do well at what they do), diversity (as comprehensive as their brands), passion (commitment in both mind and heart), accountability, integrity, collaboration, and leadership (courage to form a better future). Coca cola continue to become insatiably curious with the market, concentrate on marketplace’s execution every day, have a view of the world, get into the market to learn, listen, and observe, and concentrate on the needs of their franchise partners, customers, and consumers. You can apply in here: APPLY BURSARY

The bursaries from Coca Cola are available for everyone, especially those who are interested in sport and communities field. The area of studies supported by these bursaries are very dependent to the positions and needs in the company. To be eligible to apply, the applicants should have a valid identification card, good English skill, and are currently in a grade 12 of education level. If you consider yourself eligible, just send a proposal email to the company. They should be contacting you in 14 days.

Those are several information about Coca Cola and its bursary for prospective holders, which may be useful for you if you want to apply its bursary in the future.