DELOITTE Bursary Scholarship: Chartered Accountancy or Accounting

While you are living around South Africa, you should know that there are thousands bursaries you can take to help you in getting the tuition free during study and you can get the better life in the future. You should know that all of the bursaries are recruiting their bursary applicant to work in their company as long as you give them satisfaction toward your academy to them. To make your life gets better, you should do the hard things to reach it. There is no way to get in the top if you don’t want to work harder before. Thus, study harder to get bursary and you should give them the satisfaction to ensure you can work in their company as well. If you want to take the bursary, you should ensure you have chosen the bursaries based on the fields you have studied at. You should not feel so worry because every field has its own different bursaries you can apply for. You just have to ensure you have chosen the best bursary one. If you are studying in the Chartered Accountancy or BCom Accounting or even you are the post graduate of Accounting Diploma, you can try to apply these Deloitte bursary opportunity. This bursary will be your best option because it is the best bursary you can take in the Accounting field. This company is a leader provider of Taxation Services, Risk Advisory, Consulting, Corporate Finance, and Auditing. This company’s name is Deloitte & Touche or you can call it as D&T Company which operates in around 17 cities across the country and also has more than 3800 employees in the South Africa.


As what the other bursaries do, this bursary also has its own requirements you should had before applying this bursary as well. The requirements are: you are a South African citizen; you should have studied for about 4 subjects in previous of academic year; if you are students in the 3rd year, you should have achieved minimum average of 65%; if you are the students in the 1st or 2nd year, you should have achieved minimum average 70%; you should have achieved the minimum 70% of Account I, II, and III; you also should wish to pursue a career in CA profession; you are students at the SAICA accredited university of CA qualifications. Those are the requirements you should had if you want to apply this bursary as well. You should ensure you have required all of the company’s requirements for getting their bursary as well. If you don’t have one of them, it will be better if you don’t apply it because the incomplete requirements are not accepted.


You should know that this bursary always opens for every year. The closing date is 31st July in each year, so ensure you have prepared the entire requirements well and you can submit your application there. If you want to apply this bursary, you should do it via online and fill all of the applications with the honesty. You just have to follow the steps in filling the application well until you get success in submitting the application well. You also should ensure you have prepared the documents before applying it. You can apply DELOITTE BURSARY in here: APPLY ONLINE BURSARY

CLOSING DATE: None – Students are welcome to apply at any time.

If you are accepted to this bursary, the bursary can cover some expenses like accommodation to a capped amount, prescribed book, and also tuition fees. Beside those expenses, you should pay for your own. You also should know that to completion of your study, you should complete a 3 year of traineeship program with D&T Company. However, if you want to get this kind of Deloitte bursaries as what you need, you should click link below.