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There are many types of jobs available. For those who live in South Africa, have a wish to work for government and love to work on educational fields, you can choose Department of Education career learnership as your future plan. Department of Education in South Africa is better known as Department of Basic Education. It was first established when the previous National Department of Education was separated into two organization: Department of Higher Education and Training and Department of Basic Education. Department of Basic Education is responsible for every schools from Grade R to 12, including programs for adult literacy. The main goals of Department of Basic Education is to support, develop, and maintain the education system of schools in South Africa for this 21st century.

The vision of this department is to make sure every people in South Africa have access to training and education opportunities, as well as lifelong learning, which in turn, will contribute to the improvement of life quality and creating a democratic, peaceful, and prosperous South Africa. The mission of this department is to afford leadership within the establishment of education system in South Africa for this 21st century. The values adhered by the Department of Basic Education will be explained on the following list below:

  • Innovation: this department strives to seek alternatives to accomplish their goals and address the needs of top-quality service in training programs
  • Learning: this department creates a learning organization in which the members of the staff share and seek information and knowledge while having a commitment to continuously improve their personal growth.
  • Teamwork: this department cooperate with their partners within education field and other parties in a supportive and open way to accomplish shared goals.
  • Excellence: this department maintains high standards of professionalism and performance by targeting for excellence in all things they do, including being trustworthy, fair, and ethical in everything they do.
  • People: this department upholds the constitution and become accountable to the South African people, the Minister, and the government.
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The strategies used by Department of Basic Education are based on the outcomes, which the main outcome is the quality improvement of basic education. The detailed strategies are explained below:

  • Output 1: to improve the learning and teaching quality, by increasing access to learning materials with top quality and improving teacher practices and capacity.
  • Output 2: to undertake routine assessment to monitor progress, by extracting main lessons from continuing participation within international assessments and establishing a top-notch system of standardized national assessments.
  • Output 3: to improve development in early childhood, by improving the development quality of early childhood and universalizing access to Grade R.
  • Output 4: to ensure a reliable outcomes-oriented accountability system and planning, by strengthening the district offices’ capacity and school management, as well as promoting functional schools.
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The Department of Basic Education has a commitment to practice employment with affirmative action and provide equal opportunities. The intention of this department is to encourage representativity (disability, race, and gender) within the Department by giving preference to candidates whose appointment, promotion, or transfer will encourage representativity. The preference will be awarder firstly to additional workers and secondly to current employees of Public Service. The applications should be submitted using from Z83 that you can get from various Public Service Department. It should be accompanied by certified copies of required qualifications and a complete CV., every new appointment within the public service should be the part of GEMS or Government Employee Medical Scheme to qualify for a Government Medical Subsidy.

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