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In the era of globalization, energy issues become a hot topic in many country, including South Africa. For those who are interested with energy issues and want to work with government to tackle the issues, choosing South Africa’s Department of Energy career learnership is probably the best option for you. As the new cabinet of President Zuma was announced on May 10th 1009, the President emphasized the renaming, reorganization, and establishment of several national department to give supports to the Ministers in their mandates’ implementation. In his announcement, the President stated the significance of structure types that would serve the goals of the government the best. This approach introduced by President Zuma has been implemented by Department of Minerals and Energy in the establishing process of two departments assigned with the energy, minerals, and mining portfolio.

The first decade of the new democracy of South Africa has seen them concentrating on the introduction of new legislation and policy. The declaration of MPRDA (Minerals and Petroleum Resources Development Act) in 2004, in May to be exact, and the complementary charters for petroleum and minerals in the testimony of the efforts. Another significant legislation that has been finalized is 2008 Energy Act that was established by the President’s decision on November 17th, 2009. This legislation concentrated amongst others to ensure the availability of various energy resources in affordable prices and sustainable quantities to support the poverty alleviation and economic growth in South Africa. This legislation also provides further about energy supply’s contingency, increased renewable energies’ consumption and generation, energy planning, and many more. The reorganization done by the President was suitable for the incorporation of Energy Act, which give the Department of Energy, a newly established department,  a chance to concentrate on issues related to energy.

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The aim of this department is to formulate policies of energy, regulatory legislation and frameworks, and monitor the department’s implementation to guarantee access to reliable and affordable energy, promote environmentally friendly carriers for energy, and energy security to every South Africans. The vision for 2025 is to enhance their energy mix by owning 30 percent clean energy within a sustainable and transformed energy sector, with global access to modern carriers of energy for everyone. The mission of this department is to transform and regulate energy sector to provide affordable, secure, and sustainable energy.

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The values of Department of Energy can be read on the list below:

  • My Public Servant – My Future (We serve, We care, We belong): how public servants become the center of delivering excellent services to citizens according to the Constitution of the Republic.
  • Ubuntu: their approach and interconnectedness, which are affirming, available and open to others.
  • Professionalism: employees who are engaged commonly in intellectually and creative challenging work that need excellent ability in a specific activity, and enjoy work autonomy considerably.
  • Accountability: the assumption and acknowledgment of responsibilities of their governance, administration, policies, decisions, and actions
  • Integrity: consistency of outcomes, expectation, principles, measures, methods, values, and actions, and is regarded as the truthfulness and honesty or accuracy of the actions.
  • Honesty: denotes virtuous, positive attributes, including straightforwardness, integrity, and truthfulness.
  • Ethics: moral principles based on the public servants’ Code of Conduct.
  • Batho-Pele: this department is oriented on service and strives for brilliance in service delivery and has a commitment to continuously improve the delivery of service.
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The paragraphs above have elaborated information about Department of Energy of South Africa that may be important if you are willing to join the organization.


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