Department of Health Bursary Scholarship: KZN Health Bursaries

The students who are interested in the medical field and want to be a part of the medical staff need to conduct some medicinal lessons. They need to go the university to study medicine. Some universities conduct several study programs based on the job of medical staff such as nursing, medicine, pharmacy, dentist, and others. The students will learn many things about the medical field. However, studying in a university, especially the medical field, needs a lot of money. Therefore, not all students can afford to study there. This case happens in many countries including South Africa. This country has several universities that conduct medicinal lessons. However, the number of students that can study there is not enough compared to the need for medical staff. Therefore, in order to overcome this problem, the Department of Health of South Africa offers a bursary program to help the students who need financial support. Well, each province in South Africa has different regulations about bursaries. It depends on the financial condition of each province and the needs of the students. Therefore, the students who want to get the Department of Health Bursary should follow the rule of each department. For example, the available study programs for each province may differ from one to another. In the Province of Kwa Zulu Natal, the list of available study programs depends on the need of the department.

The Available of Study Programs of Bursary. Therefore, it will change every year. Meanwhile, the Department of Health in Western Cape offers the bursary for some study programs such as pharmacy, radiography, nursing care, MBChB medical, and medical care for emergencies. The Department of Health in Eastern Cape offers the bursary for some study programs such as pharmacy, dentistry, nursing science, oral hygiene, ultrasound radiography, optometry, clinical psychology, clinical associates, nutritionist, speech and audio therapy, paramedic, therapy – occupational, and physiotherapy. On the other hand, the available study programs of the Department of Health in Gauteng are oral hygiene, radiotherapy, optometry, therapy dental, dietetics prosthetics, technology clinical, engineering clinical, dental technology, and medical practice clinical.

About Department of Health Bursary Scholarship Opportunity

Meanwhile, the available study programs in Limpopo Department of Health Bursary are pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, dental therapy, oral hygiene, nutritionist, physiotherapy, optometry, occupational therapy, social work, emergency care, clinical psychology, orthotics, community development, and clinical engineering. The Department of Health in Mpumalanga also offers some bursary in several study programs such as nursing, pharmacy, psychology, psychology, hearing and speech therapy, nursing, oral hygiene, nutrition and dietetics, dental therapy, radiography, emergency medical services, physiotherapy, orthotics, and prosthetics. Meanwhile, the Department of Health in North West offers the bursary for the different study programs in each year. Therefore, the students need to contact the staff of the department to make sure about the study programs. This bursary helps the students to get their dream of pursuing a degree in the medicinal field indeed. 

The Facility of the Health Department Bursary Program. Well, the students who can be recipients of the Department of Health Bursary can get many benefits. Why? This bursary offers some coverage that can be used for paying the tuition fee and living costs during the study. Each province will give a different amount of bursaries depending on the needs of students and the financial condition of the province. For example, the bursary of the Health Department of Kwa Zulu Natal offers some benefits such as tuition fees, meal expenses, textbooks expenses, and accommodation fees. Well, the amount of bursary depends on the income of parents. The students with the smaller parent’s income will get a higher amount of the bursary. Meanwhile, the Department of Health in Western Cape provides some coverages such as tuition fees, registration fees, and examination fees. On the other hand, the Department of Health in Eastern Cape provides a bursary that covers tuition fees, registration fees, accommodation fees, meals fees, and textbook fees.

The Department of Health in Northern Cape also offers the bursary with coverage about registration fee, tuition fee, accommodation fee, meal expenses, and pocket money for the monthly cost. On the other hand, Gauteng Health Department will give financial support to the students who are currently in the second year of study and it will be only given to the specific fields of study. The health bursary of Limpopo provides some coverages such as tuition fee, registration fee, meal expenses, accommodation fee, and book allowance. However, the amount of book allowance will be determined based on the needs of the students. The bursary of the Mpumalanga Health Department will be decided by the committee. It will be better for the students to check the detail of this bursary to the Health Department. 

The Eligibility Requirements of Bursary. As mentioned previously, the students who are interested in applying for the Department of Health Bursary need to follow the process of bursary admission. One of the most important things to do is preparing the documents for the bursary. Well, each bursary has different eligibility requirements. However, some of them may similar from one to the other. For example, almost all of the bursaries provided by the Department of Health require the applicants about the ID document to be South African citizens. It means that only the citizens of South Africa can apply for the bursary. Another requirement is that the applicants should prove their income. It is used to check whether the applicants need financial assistance or not.

They can submit the parent’s income and household invoice to the committee of bursary. Well, the applicants also should submit the letter of acceptance as university students. They should study in the available study programs and recognized universities. Otherwise, the applicants will not be selected as the recipient of the bursary. Some bursaries may require the applicants to complete the Matric and have a strong academic background. So, the applicants can follow the lesson in the university and graduate from the university. On the other hand, the bursary of the Health Department is mostly offered by each province. It means that the applicants should live in those certain provinces to be eligible as the recipient of a bursary.