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For those who want a stable career, working for government may sound very promising. If you are thinking of joining government to improve the welfare of your country, then choosing South Africa’s Department of Labour career learnership may be an interesting start. Department of Labour issues legislation that control labour activities and practices. This department plays an important role in decreasing inequality, unemployment, and poverty through a group of programs and regulations develop in discussion with social affiliates, which are directed at lessening employment’s poverty, improved economic productivity and efficiency, eliminating discrimination and inequality in the working environment, employment creation, and healthy labour relations.

The vision of Department of Labour in South Africa is to improve the condition of labour markets to make sure it supports decent work, economic growth, investment, and employment creation. The mission this department is to control labour market in South Africa in order to sustain the economy through:

  • Social dialogue
  • Appropriate regulations and legislations
  • Income and social protection
  • Enforcement, inspection and compliance monitoring
  • Promoting equity
  • Human rights protection
  • Employment services’ provision
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Department of Labour of South Africa holds the values to treat workers with respect, care, and dignity. This agency also promote and respect development and learning, customer centered services, ethical behavior and integrity, and accountability. The organization is living up the principles of Batho Pele and the foundations of Department’s Service Charter. It also teaches the values through management system of their performance.

Batho Pele Principles are created to provide a guide to every service providers on how to enhance customer services and relations. The aim of these principles is to make the customers satisfied and happy from knowing how much hard work the service providers has done to give the best services. It also aims to promote South African Government to be an organization with quality. Those principles are listed below:

  • Consult: organization will consult with stakeholders on the quality and level of the services provided and give feedback.
  • Service standards: the service standards of the organization is the promise on services’ quality that the customer can expect.
  • Access: every citizen should possess equal access to every service they are permitted.
  • Courtesy: the organization must treat their clients with courtesy, respect, and dignity all the time.
  • Information: the organization should provide timeous and accurate information about all services the customers are permitted to receive.
  • Redress: the organization should give redress if the service standards are not well-delivered.
  • Transparent and Open: the organization should be transparent and open about the way they work.
  • Value for Money: the organization should guarantee value for money by giving services efficiently and economically, and fighting corruption and fraud.
  • Service Excellence: the organization should encourage innovation and compensate service excellence to improve service excellence.
  • Customer Impact: the organization should strive for a positive client experience at the front side of the service and improve citizens’ rights to ensure the accountability of the services provided by the organization.
  • Leadership: the organization’s leadership should promote, inspire, and support an excellence culture to create a difference for people who live around the organization.
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Currently, the top management of Department of Labour in South Africa is given to the Minister of Labour named Nelisiwe Midred Oliphant. There are several division that work under this department, including Unemployment Insurance Fund, Labor Policy and Industrial Relations, Compensation Fund, Corporate Services, Chief Operating Officer, Public Employment Services, and Inspection and Enforcement Services. Those are several information about Department of Labour of South Africa that may be important for those who are planning to join the organization.

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