Department of Public Work Bursary Scholarship in Limpopo

South Africa is a country that has a lot of potentials. This country has several natural resources to support the life of its people. This country is widely known for gold and diamond mining. Those mining are spread out in many areas of the country. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that many people in South Africa work as labor or public work in those mining industries. However, in order to be able working in there, the people should possess some capability and skills so that they can work properly. Therefore, South African citizens should undergo the learning process in university or vocational schools. On the other hand, this country also needs good and qualified human resources to develop the country in any area. Once again, this condition can be achieved by having a good education system. In order to improve the number of students that can study in the university, the Government of South Africa has set some regulations about bursaries. Well, each department has its bursary. One of them is the Department of Public Work Bursary. Why? The students who can study in the higher level education can get a lot of experience and skills. They can use it to get a good job and career. In the end, South Africa will get a lot of qualified human resources. 

A short explanation about bursary. Just like its name, this bursary is provided by the Department of Public Work or (DPW) from South Africa. The main purpose of this bursary is enhancing the number of South Africa citizen that have skills about the workplace. So, they can work and stabilize the working environment. In addition, the bursary ensures that the granted will have high skill in their specialization. So, they can give more benefits to the country. The bursary program of the Department of Public work has two main programs. The first one is in the internal program. The people who are working in the department. The staff can improve their skills and abilities by using this bursary.

About Department of Public Work Bursary Scholarship Opportunity

Meanwhile, the second program is the external program. The students which just graduated from high school can apply for the bursary. They will get some opportunities to study in university for free. The bursary program of the Public Work Department provides some available study programs. So, the applicants can choose suitable study programs based on their passion and ability. The study programs are architecture, town planning, architectural science, quantity surveying, electrical engineering, construction management, building engineering, mechanical engineering, regional planning, landscaping, asset management, information technology, civil engineering, and management. 

How to be an eligible recipient of the bursary. As mentioned previously, the students who want to get a Department of Public Work Bursary can apply for the external program. However, they must obey the criteria of the eligible recipients. Otherwise, their application will be cut off by the committee. There are some criteria for the eligible recipients. The first one is that the applicant should be a citizen of South Africa. It means only the valid citizen of South Africa can apply for this bursary. The students also need to complete the Matric. However, there is a special condition for the students who are currently finishing the Matric.

They can still apply for the bursary by showing the last report of Matric. Another requirement is that the applicants should choose the study programs that have been provided by the Department of Public Work. The applicants also need to show high academic results. The important subjects for this bursary are Mathematics and English. Therefore, the applicants need to get a high score in those 2 following subjects. Well, this bursary will be given only to the applicants who need financial support. It means that the family’s income is not enough to pay for the university cost. 

The documents of the bursary. To get the bursary from the Public Work Department, the students need to submit the documents of the bursary to the committee of bursary. They must submit it before the deadline. Otherwise, the documents will not be accepted. The students who are studying in the affiliated study programs can submit a letter of acceptance to the university. It will increase the possibility of the students getting the bursary. Another document is the ID document and its certified copy. This document will prove the nationality of the students. Only the citizen of South Africa can accept the bursary. The students should submit the latest academic record to the committee. A good academic record during the study will enhance the chance to be selected as the recipient. Another document that should be submitted is the ID document of the parents. This document is completed with its certified copy.

The parent’s income also should be submitted to the committee since this bursary will be given only to the students who need financial support. Therefore, the presence of parent’s income documents is quite important. The students also need to submit the details of the tuition fee for each year. This document will be used to consider the amount of bursary that will be given. Another document is the motivational letter that can state the reason why the students are eligible to receive the bursary. Besides, it will be better for the students to send the certificate of good conduct to ensure that students have good behavior. Well, the application also should be completed with the certificate of the Matric or the latest progress of Matric. The completed application can be sent to the Director-General, Attention for: The Bursary Administrator, Private Bag X65, Pretoria, 0001. 

The facility of Bursary. Department of Public Work Bursary offers some benefits to the recipients. They can use it during their study in the university. The first one is the registration fee before entering the university. So, the recipient doesn’t need to think about money anymore. Besides, the bursary also covers the tuition fee which depends on the duration of the bursary. The recipient also can stay in the university’s dormitory for free since the bursary will pay for the accommodation expenses. The bursary also covers the meals expenses in the university and textbook expenses.