Department of Public Work Bursary Scholarship in Limpopo

Department of Public Work Bursary which is a governmental organization that responsible to providing quality infrastructure for the province is now open Bursary Programme for you those who are a bursary hunter yet competent to join this programme. The purposes of this programme are to promote economic growth, employment and social development, to promote South Africa with high calibre, motivated students who wish to make a career in scarce skills and also offer financial assitance to the previously disadvantage to acquire skills that are needed in the department. Want to enhance your experience without any education cost? If your are the citizen of South Africa, intending to or studying towards a degree or diploma at recognized South Africa’s tertiary institute, accepted by university or technikon and final year students at institutionsof higher learning, please be informed that maybe you are the one of our candidates of Department of Public Work Bursary Programme. If you are fit with the requirements, you can download bursary application on:

In this rapidly developing world, many jobs are faced with uncertainty. However, working in government offer a more stable future compared to other jobs. Thus, if you are willing to work for government to have a stable career, choosing Department of Public Work career learnership in South Africa can be the best solution. This department is in charge to promote the objectives of government in term of rising prosperity and living standards, economic development, and good governance by managing and providing the infrastructure and accommodation for national departments’ needs, and leading the Expanded Public Works Program and national transformation of property industries and construction. The vision of this department is “to be world-class Public Works Department”. The vision was first formulated in 2003 alongside the mission. The missions of this department are listed below:

To provide strategic leadership for the sake of property industries and construction; To manage the immovable assets’ life cycle under the custodianship of the department efficiently; To provide expert suggestion to every 3 spheres of parastatals and government on assets that are not movable and To contribute actively to the achievement of national goals in term of poverty alleviation and job creation through program management, public works programs directing and leading nationally, in which EPWP (Expanded Public Works Program) becomes an essential part.

Limpopo Bursary: Department of Public Works

The principles that guide and bind the department to continuously strive for the improvement of service delivery are based on the following values: Team Work: every worker has a particular role or task to do and the amount of every action defines the destiny of the department (failure or success); Open Communications: open, regular, and frank communications is reassured within the agency and the external publics; Client focus: every aspects of the agency’s work are directed by the necessity to develop the delivery of services to customers, both externally and internally; Urgency: every tasks is attended to diligently and timorously; Decisiveness: no time nor resources are wasted to speed up problem solving process and decision making; Integrity: the organization does not approve any type of maladministration and/or corruption, and every worker vow to uncover any inappropriate actions that are not in line with the good corporate governance’s principles and Commitment: every worker demonstrates unwavering devotion the their job and finish the tasks in line with the purpose without wasting too much resources. You can Get More Information in here: Limpopo Public Works Bursary and Get form in here: Application Form

CLOSING DATE: 31 October 2020

The organization has recognized the strategic pillars below for the recent expenditure period: Relationship and role of the organization with other 2 spheres of parliament and government: to improve the intergovernmental relations, the department, including the regional offices, are resourced adequately to nurture a cooperation environment; Regulation and transformation of the property industries and construction to guarantee economic development and growth: the department identifies the necessity to enhance the charters’’ implementation in both areas; The relationship of DPW with stakeholders and sector entities: to strengthen programs’ strategic alignment of institutions from private sector, public entities, and client departments for the sake of perfect service delivery; Effective and efficient management for strategic asset” the organization must guarantee appropriate planning for utilized immovable and or state owned assets and formulate particular strategies to fulfill the users’ demands; Job creation: EPWP has a goal to create at least one million job opportunities in the next 5 years. It will plays a role in the mitigation of poverty and unemployment by providing training, creating short-term job opportunities, and facilitating exit strategy and The paragraphs above have described information about Department of Public Works of South Africa that may be significant if you for are willing to work in the organization.

There are some procedures in Department of Public Work Bursary Programme. For the payment procedures, your payment is made after receiving the statementof account from the institutions. Your payment are made in respect for registration, tuition, meals, accomodation, and books. Then, your obligation after took this bursary programme is expected to serve in deparment in the number of years equivalent to years of sponsorship. Last but not least, the information should given to you is about the refund of bursary payments. If there is any failure to comply with the provisions of the bursary agreement will result in the Bursary and it have to refund all immediately (plus interest) paid by Departement on their behalf. So, don’t miss this valuable bursary programme and get the chance to work in Department of Public Work Bursary opportunity.