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Nowadays, a lot of people search for a job that can also serve as community services or contribution to their country. Working for government may be the best solution if you are also this type of person. Choosing Department of Social career learnership in South Africa is a great step to work for government and at the same time help a lot of less fortunate people. The South Africa’s Department of Social Development is a department of government in charge of providing social welfare services, development, and protection to general public in South Africa. It was previously known as Department of Welfare, but the name was changed in 2000, July to be exact. The minister responsible for this department is Bathabile Dlamini, the recent Minister of Social Development. The department was first established in the year of 1937, to subsidize and regulate existing non-governmental, private welfare services, and at the same time provide several extra services.

The vision of Department of Social Development is to be an integrated and caring social development service system that enhance the life’s quality of its people and assist human development. The mission of this department is to allow the excluded, the poor, and the vulnerable people of South Africa to have a better quality of life by working together with the people and everyone who are willing to participate in the creation of caring society. The values of this department is to put their clients as priority in performing their duty. The organization will ensure freedom and equity from harassment and discrimination in any services delivered by the department and in their workplace. They will work together with their clients and other stakeholders and use every resources assigned to the agency wisely to deliver the services with the most innovative, efficient, and effective ways. The agency also ensures their accountability and transparency for their performance, decisions, and actions. The expertise and knowledge will be shared to wider welfare sector and other department and at the same time learn actively from them. During performing their duty, the department ensures to uphold the Code of Conduct for the Public Service, the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, and the laws controlling public services.

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There are two main functions of Department of Social Development. The first is to oversee and manage social security, including the policies of social insurance and social assistance that intent to alleviate and prevent poverty in life cycle risks’ event, such as income loss due to death, unemployment, disability, or old age. The second function is to be the developmental services of social welfare that offer support to decrease vulnerability, poverty, and the influences of AIDS and HIVE through programs of sustainable development in collaboration with executing agents, including FBOs (Faith-Based Organizations), state-funded organization, CBOs (Community-Based Organizations), and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations).

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Department of Social Development has a strategic plan called the Ten Point Plan that signify the urgencies to be focused by social development subdivision during 2000-2005. Those plan are listed below:

  • Teach, educate, re-organize, and employ novel categories of employees in the social development.
  • Rebuilding social relations, family, and community
  • Commitment to supportive and cooperative governance
  • Integrated poverty elimination strategy
  • Services for disabled people
  • Comprehensive system of social system
  • Accessibility services of social welfare
  • Fighting violence against children and woman, senior citizens, and other susceptible groups
  • Youth development
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The paragraphs above have explained information about Department of Social Development of South Africa that is probably important if you are planning to work in the organization. Please visit website, for more information about Department of Social career learnership based on your needs.


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