Department of Tourism Bursary: Tourism Management 2021

The Department of Tourism Bursary opportunities to South African graduates who wish to apply in the available fields. Duration: The contract will be for one (1) academic year reviewable based on availability of resources and academic progress. Successful candidates will sign a bursary contract. Requirements: Applications forms must be sent via email or hand delivered by not later than the closing date. Apply as follows: Applicants must complete the Bursary Application Form, certified copies of certificates, academic transcripts and an ID document, proof of registration, proof of guardian’s income and motivational letter. Application forms are available on or at reception of the Department of Tourism. Nowadays, looking for an opportunity to get financed for higher education is not a daunting task. Those who want to continue their education experience through tertiary institution can take benefit from a bursary programme. Now, if you look for one, dept of tourism offers talented SA young generation to apply for their bursary opportunity if you aim for one among these following field of studies; Human Resource Development, Public Administration, Economics, Tourism Management, LLB, Honour for International Politics, Public Relations Management and Media Studies, Journalism, Communication Science. Put it aside, only those who are registered at recognized SA educational institution who are allowed to join.

Before submitting your application for Department of Tourism bursary program, tag along application form of Departmental bursary (after you complete it properly), proof of submission (registration), SA ID, current Matric/ academic result, certified copies for necessary qualifications, motivational letter, and the proof of the household income. Speak of the application form, it is obtainable at National Dept of Tourism’s reception desk, or you can also download it through When everything is prepared, you can choose either post the application or hand delivery it. However, avoid to fax or email your application.


One of South Africa government departments, Department of Tourism Bursary is now open program. This is a big chance for you to get a bursary from one of government departments. So, get ready for Department of Tourism Bursary chance and get prepared. Basically, this bursary programme is allowed for the students who will be awarded as the recipients of the bursary program. This bursary programme is widely open for many fields of study. There is a big chance for you to join this program which will help you to get the best experience in studying with the better chance for working.

More than 15 fields of study are required for Department of Tourism Bursary engineering. Most of them are the majors that are suitable for you and the majors which are needed in the company. There are some requirements you have to fulfil when you want to get the experience in the bursary program. However, the program is really suitable for you who want to get financial aid for your college study. The college study can be more attractive and unique. When you are looking for having the program which will cover your tuition fee, book cost and also the accommodation for you as the student in the particular college chosen. Download application form.

Department of Tourism Bursary Program

Considering to post the application for bursary programme at dept of tourism, submit it through Department of Tourism Bursary. The application should be sent either on its closing date or it would be better if you send it beforehand, thus you have no worry about your application being discouraged for the lateness. After some time, if you get the correspondence from the official, it implies that you are approved as the suitable applicant for the bursary. You can apply bursary in here: APPLY BURSARY.

CLOSING DATE: 06 November 2020


Note: These bursaries only apply to individuals who are registered as full-time students with an institution of higher learning and are not employed.

Correspondence will be limited to successful applicants only. If you have not been contacted, please accept that your application was unsuccessful. Successful applicants will be expected to sign a bursary contract. No faxed documents/applications will be allowed