Department of Tourism Bursary: Tourism Management 2022

South Africa is a developed country in the Africa Continent. This country has a lot of exotic places that can attract people to come and visit South Africa. In addition, this country is also well known as the country with high biodiversity so that the tourist can see many new animal and plants. These conditions make tourism in South Africa becomes one of the most important income sources for this country. On the other hand, South Africa as a developed country needs to improve the quality of human resources. The skilled citizen can improve the productivity of the country. Well, in order to improve the skill of the people in South Africa, the government make some regulations. One of them is releasing some bursaries that can be chosen by the people in South Africa. Department of Tourism bursary allow them to go the university freely. So, the students who are from a poor family but have a lot of potential and talents can study in the university. They can get a lot of experience, knowledge, and skills that will be used in their future.

The Bursary for the Tourism Sector. As mentioned previously that tourism is one of the most important income resources of South Africa. Therefore, having the improvement of the tourism service is essential for South Africa. In order to increase the ability of people in the tourism aspect, South Africa gives a chance for people to study in the university by choosing the study programs related to tourism. To support the South African citizens who don’t have money to go the university, the Department of Tourism of South Africa creates a scheme of bursaries. It is known as the Department of Tourism Bursary. Well, people can choose several study programs related to tourism by using this bursary.


The examples of the available study programs are construction management, development studies, economics, environmental management, information technology, human resources management and development, project management, tourism management, tourism development, and international relations. Meanwhile, the information technology fields can be divided into some areas such as data warehousing, soft development, and others. This condition enables the applicants to choose which study programs that will give them more benefits. Each study program has its outcome. So, the applicants need to check which study program is suitable for them.

The Criteria of the Eligible Applicants. Well, the South African citizens who want to apply for the bursary of the Department of Tourism need to know the eligibility requirements. Why? This bursary will only consider the applicants that have completed all of the requirements. Therefore, in order to make sure that they are eligible, the applicants need to understand the requirements. The first requirement is being a South African citizen. It can be proven by submitting the ID Card as the South African Citizen and birth certificate. The applicants need to make sure that the ID Card is valid and accurate. The second one is the completed matric. Usually, the applicants will complete their matric in senior high school. Only the applicants who have completed their matric will be considered eligible applicants.

The next requirement is that the applicants should intend to study in the available study programs. The applicants that have been accepted as students in the desired study programs will be more considered to get the bursary. Another thing is that the university should be recognized by South Africa. It means that only accredited university can be considered to be on the list of the Bursary. Well, the Department of Tourism Bursary will only choose the unemployed applicants since they don’t have any financial support to continue their studies. Besides, the staff of the Department of Tourism of South Africa is forbidden to register as the applicants for this bursary. Why? This bursary is limited only to the common citizen of South Africa.

The Application Scheme of the Bursary. The South African citizen who is interested in this bursary needs to register by following the scheme. The first step is by submitting the required documents. Several documents should be completed by the applicants such as the ID documents along with the certified copy, matric certificate along with the certified copy, the academic or non-academic certificate along with the certified copy, recent academic records with the certified copy, the student status letter for the applicants that have been studied in the university, the proof of family income, the admission letter of the university, and the motivational letter that supports the performance of the students.


However, the applicants that apply for the master’s degree need to complete the requirements by submitting the research proposal. After preparing the required documents, the applicants can send the documents to the committee of bursary by using several ways. The first one is sending through email of the committee bursary. The second one is submitting directly to the office of committee bursary at the following address: Director-General, Tourism House, 17 Trevenna Street, Sunnyside, 0002. Meanwhile, the last one is sending the application via post to the following address: Private Bag X 424, Pretoria, 0001. You can see information about this bursary in here: TOURISM AVAILABLE BURSARY.

The Benefits and Condition of Bursary. Being a recipient of the Department of Tourism Bursary gives a lot of benefits. The recipient can get the financial support to pay the tuition fee. It will help the unemployed South African citizen from a poor families so that they can study in the university for free. Moreover, the recipients are also supported for the living expenses and dormitory. They will get the monthly allowance and the accommodation fee so that they can stay close to the university. In this condition, the recipient will focus on the learning process in the university.

Some recipients may also get financial support for their transportation from their house to the university. However, the recipients need to know the condition of the bursary to prevent any problem in the future. This bursary will be only for one academic year. The academic result of the recipient will be reviewed annually. The recipients that can perform good academic records will be considered eligible recipients in the next year.