Dept Labour Bursaries, Compensation Fund Critical Skills

The presence of labour is important for a country. Why? The presence of the labour with high skill and ability can enhance the productivity of the company or government institution. As a result, the economy of the country will be better. Well, being labour has a big risk especially for those labours who work in the mining, factory, and other high-risk jobs. Why? Some jobs are vulnerable to accidents. Some accidents lead to fatal effects such as death and disability. Therefore, the labour must work carefully and obey all the regulations obediently. However, if the accident happens and the labours get its effect, they may need to think more about their future. For example, the labour who becomes a disabled person may need to think about how to continue his life. Well, in this case, the government should be able to help the labours so that they can stand up and continue their life. That is one of the reasons why the government of South Africa forms the Dept Labour Bursaries. This department gives the chance to the labours who suffer due to accidents or heavy work to continue their life. This department gives the bursary that is called the Compensate Funding. What is Compensate Funding? Here is a short explanation of this bursary.

Getting Closer with the Compensate Funding. Compensate Funding that is also known as the Dept Labour Bursaries is a specific bursary that will be given to the labours that have some diseases, injuries, and disabilities due to their work. This bursary is also given to the children whose parents died during the works. Well, this bursary can be differentiated into three categories that are Vocational Rehabilitation Bursary, Dependents of Compensation Fund Bursary, and Young Students Bursary.


The Available Study Programs of the Compensate Funding. Several study programs can be chosen by the applicants. For example, the students who want to get the degree of BEng or BSc can choose some study programs such as chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electro-mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics engineering, civil engineering, electronic engineering, mining engineering, industrial engineering, computer engineering, architecture, quantity surveying, urban and regional planning as well as aeronautical engineering. Meanwhile, the applicants who want to study in the field of Science can choose several study programs such as chemistry, physics, mathematics, geology, metallurgy, computer science, software development, botany, microbiology, zoology, and actuarial science. Another field of study that can be chosen is the health sciences field.

It consists of some study programs such as health sciences, dental science, medicine, surgery, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy. On the other hand, the applicants who want to study in the commerce field can choose some study programs such as logistics, informatics, law, accounting, supply, marketing, CA Stream, Economics, information system, information technology, and finance. The students who want to study in the field of humanities can choose several study programs such as dramatic art, music, fine art, social work, speech and hearing therapy, languages, communication, psychology, and journalism.

The Requirements of the Bursary Applications. The students who want to get the Dept Labour Bursaries need to fulfill all of the requirements. If the documents of the application are incomplete, then the application will be canceled. One of the most important requirements is the ID Documents of being a citizen of South Africa. Why? Since the bursary is given by the Department of Labour of South Africa so that only South African citizens can apply for the bursary. The applicants also need to show the certificate of birth. Another document is the compensation fund pension number from the applicants who want to apply for the  Vocational Rehabilitation Bursary and Dependents of Compensation Fund Bursary.

APPLY Compensation Fund Bursary programme

The applicants also have to submit the proof as a residence of South Africa. The complete matric result and the good academic records should be presented to enhance the opportunity to be selected as the granted of the bursary. Meanwhile, for the Dependents of Compensation Fund Bursary, the application should submit the death certificate of the parents or guardians. The Vocational Rehabilitation Bursary needs to submit the certificate of disabling a person. The age range of the Young Students Bursary and Dependents of Compensation Fund Bursary is about 17 – 25 years. You can see information in here: SEE BURSARY INFORMATION.

The Condition and Facility of the Bursary. Just like another bursary, Dept Labour Bursaries also has the condition that should be followed by the granted. The main condition is that the recipients should sign the service binding contract after their graduation. The contract will be last for about three years. Every recipient should do this condition so that they will be freed from the bursary’s contract. Well, even though the condition of the bursary is a little bit difficult, the recipient gets a lot of benefits from the bursary. The first one is the university tuition fees. It means that the recipients don’t need to pay the tuition fee during their studies. So, they can study without worrying too much about the cost. Another benefit is the registration fee of entrancing the university. It means that the applicants can register at the university without paying the registration fee. In addition, the bursary also covers the exam fees for the students. Well, the recipients also don’t need to think about the accommodation during their stay in the university since the bursary will pay for it.

The bursary also offers coverage of the residence meals, book, and pocket money. It means that all needs of the recipients will be covered by the bursary. However, in order to save money during an emergency, the recipient should manage their money. Besides, the recipients also need to show good academic performance during their studies in the university. It will help them to be considered in the recruitment process after graduation. Even though the labours have a nightmare due to accidents in their work, they can get a new dream by using the compensation funding by the Department of Labour of South Africa. This bursary will open the opportunity to get a new job or create a job.