Dept Labour Bursaries, Compensation Fund Critical Skills

Have you heard that Department of Labour offers many bursaries? It is a true program that will deliver you a better education for your better future, it’s called Dept Labour Bursaries Program. Since labour also becomes a great consideration which is needed by government, therefore today the Department of Justice Bursary has been available. It is addressed for those who really need this financial aid especially to improve their skill in this study field. This bursary program will also enhance the future leader generation that work professionally in labour field. It includes chemistry, engineering, and any labour studies. The steps of getting this bursary are not that hard, but perhaps it will go through on some consideration. You might also think about the importance of taking this great opportunity. This bursary program will end with you have been a professional. Later after this, you will be chosen to work in specified field of work. It means you do not need to worry about getting a proper job since this bursary program will bring you to the right job based on your field. This is why this kind of bursaries has been looked for many students today. That is the importance of taking this bursary. But, is there anything you should know more?

Dept Labour Bursaries is available from Dept Labour through their recent bursary program that is destined for applicants who are both coming from destitute family background and academically excellent. Dept Employment Labour bursary will provide the bursary for those that pursue either honours or undergraduate qualification majoring in various field of studies from university within South Africa. Who can apply for the bursary program? definitely South African people.

As the additional points, you might also understand about the fee which you will get. You will not only get the fee for your tuition. The Dept Labour Bursaries also serves the fee for your transcribed books. It is a must so that the facility of your study has been provided since the very first place. On the other hand, you will also get additional fees for your daily needs and accommodation during your study. It includes your living cost and the meals you need. Some bursaries also offer the pocket money for their recipient. So, it must be worthy to have but with a good management of using the money too. About the requirements, you need to read some info first. The Department usually will ask for the ID card as the proof of citizenship in certain area. It is usually bases on where the bursary will be given to. After that, the applicants might also consider about their academic result. It is an important thing to have, since many bursaries ask about more than 60% or 75% result of the range. It is an important thing to know which make you need to be serious with this application. Make sure you have the right certificates to which can support your credibility so that it will be easier to pass the requirements later.

​The Dept Labour will strive for a labour market which is conducive to investment, economic growth, employment creationand decent work. We play a significant role in reducing unemployment, poverty and inequality   through a set of policies and programmes developed in consultation with social partners, which are aimed  at:​ Improved economic efficiency and productivity, Employment creation, Sound labour relations, Eliminating inequality and discrimination in the workplace and Alleviating poverty in employment.


Submit fully completed and signed application form along with copies of the listed certified supporting documents. Please don’t make mistake fill application form, because that can be bad. If you want read all information about Compensation Fund bursary, you can read them in BURSARY AWARD FOR 2021

CLOSING DATE: 31 October 2020

In order to win Dept Employment Labour bursary program, there are several procedures that you should follow, first, you have to Download and complete the Compensation Fund bursary application form on the Department of Labour website. Submit fully completed and signed application form along with copies of the listed certified supporting

The Compensation Fund is offering bursaries to young people, dependents of Compensation Fund pensioners and current Compensation Fund pensioners, intending to pursue the identified critical skills.

Dept Labour Bursaries Compensation Fund

The next thing you need to consider about the bursaries is your CV. Making the appropriate CV is also a must for those who want to get better place for applying this bursary. So, if you really have your good intention to reach your dream later, please pay attention towards some general requirement to take this Dept Labour Bursaries. You can also start to gain more information which is needed to apply this bursary. Taking this bursary might never lead you to be disappointed. With some programs and training of this bursary, every recipient will be prepared to be a good professional for the brighter future. You might also get the proper job from this Department of Justice Bursary program so that it gives more benefits after you graduate. If you are still in the beginning of your study year, please prepare some documents which have been stated above. It is good to help you save your place later as the applicants.

While completing the application for dept labour bursary program, there are points you should fill them properly that include; information for parents employment, family details, personal details, details of field of study that you want to apply. The next process is submitting supporting documents, which are; unemployment affidavits, grant’s proof, family income, and identity document.