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Various of positions are offered for recent learnership vacancies programme that is schemed by Dept of Correctional Services that include; human resource management, sports management, education, agriculture, artisan, arts, information technology, legal service, journalism, finance, supply chain management, employee relations, communication, finance, food service management (nutrition), correctional service management, spiritual care, criminology, policy development , and many other more. Applying for the graduate internship, suitable applicants should hold the qualification based on the graduate internship program that they follow. In addition, their age should be around 18 to 35 years old.

Successful applicants for the Dept of Correctional Services learnership vacancies programme, they will be located at the head offices, management and regional areas throughout the Department of Correctional Services within the country with the exception; (1) if you apply for agriculture or artisan internship, you will only be stationed in management area (regions), and (2) if you consider to apply internal audit, graphic design, policy development, or journalism, then you will be located in Head Offices. In the way to ease you to attend the graduate internship, ensure to apply to graduate internship from the nearest location where you live. In addition, successful interns will gain benefits from per month stipend which amount is R 4000.00.

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Individuals with disabilities, you have chance to access Dept of Correctional Services learnership vacancies programme which are offered. Together with your application, you have to include the application form from correctional centres, or you can download from website too. You have to provide certified copies of your identity document (bar-coded) and your curriculum vitae. Next you can submit the application to your chosen regions where your reside, before its deadline on August 19th. Applicants have to wait until three months, however, if the official sends nothing after 3 months from the deadline of the program, you can assume the application is not successful.

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