Dwarsrivier Mine Artisan Learnership Program

Youth of South Africans with interest to obtain qualification to function as mine artisan, Dwarsrivier invites  them to participate in their latest Dwarsrivier mine artisan learnership that is split into several subcategories, diesel mechanic, boilermaker, fitter, electrician, and draughtsman. Now, the requirements to apply the learnership program are depending upon what kind of learnership program that you are interested in, that said in general, they are; (1) N2-N3 qualification in maths, engineering science or relevant field, and (2) grade 12 qualification with maths and physical science. The complete list for the learnership’s requirements, ensure to visit the official’s website.

Applying Dwarsrivier mine artisan learnership program, you have to provide supported documents, such as, curriculum vitae, qualifications, and more. Note reference number of each learnership program that is offered. Once you complete anything that you need for the learnership program, email your application to, receng@dwarsrivier.co.za, alternately you can fax your application to, 086 538 7372 right before the closing date of the learnership program before October 31st. In case that you apply the learnership program via email, you have to write the reference number down on the subject line. Fail to submit the application properly including late application and incomplete supported documents, your application will not be accepted.

PROGRAM:  Impala Platinums (IMPLATS) Career and Learnership Program

Only shortlisted applicants of Dwarsrivier mine artisan learnership who will obtain the correspondence, which means if you receive nothing, the application is considered unsuccessful. For the next recruitment process, shortlisted applicants are obliged to undergo psychometric assessment, background and credit check ups, and other additional assessment. There are some considerations before the official make their final decisions; (1) company’s conditions of employment, (2) applicants have to meet company’s value, and (3) physically healthy proved by documents. Lastly, the learnership program inline with company’s EE, in short, anyone can apply the learnership as far as they meet the requirements.

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