Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality Bursary Scholarship for 2022

Having a chance to study at the higher education level is a blessing for people. By studying at a higher level of education, people can get more experience about new things. They also can learn some new skills that can give more benefits to their life. Therefore, many people are trying to get to the higher education level. One of them is by studying in the university. The students will get more knowledge in the university both theoretical and practical. However, some students cannot go to the university since they don’t have money to pay the tuition fee. This case often happens in many countries such as South Africa. This country consists of many provinces and districts. Each district has a different level of education. However, the similarity of those districts is many students cannot go to the university since they cannot pay the tuition fee. As mentioned previously that many students in South Africa don’t have money to continue their studies in the university. It is caused by the family’s financial condition. Most of them are coming from a poor families. So, the students will choose to work after graduating from senior high school instead of studying in the university. In order to overcome this problem, each district in South Africa has set the regulation about bursary programs. One of them is Elias Motsoaledi Local municipality Bursary. Well, this bursary program has the same name as Elias Motsoaledi. He was a great politician of South Africa. He also participated in the forming of the South African Congress of Trade Unions. Well, in order to remember his merit, the bursary was named after him. The Elias Motsoaledi bursary program has the central office in the Sekhukhune District of Municipality of Limpopo.

Pursuing the Bursary to Study in the University. This bursary can be received by eligible students especially from the district around the central office. Well, this bursary has a wide range of study programs that can be chosen by the applicants. They can choose the study program based on their preference. However, the applicants need to consider the quality of the study program and university. Only the recognized university can be selected in the list of the bursary. Therefore, the applicants should be careful in choosing the university. It will be better for them to choose the university and study programs based on the need of South Africa. Why? After graduation, they can join the government and company in South Africa to raise and develop this country.

About Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality Bursary Scholarship

The Requirement of the Bursary. Before applying for the bursary, the applicants have to know what the requirements of the bursary are. Why? By knowing the requirement to be eligible as the recipient of the bursary, the recipient can prepare the document properly. So, the possibility to be accepted as the granted bursary will be higher. The first requirement is being a South African citizen who lives in Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality. Why? This bursary will be offered by the government only to the citizen of South Africa. However, this bursary is also exclusive for people who live in the Municipality of Elias Mostsoaledi. Even though the applicants are from South Africa but live outside the municipality, their application will be canceled. Another requirement is having a good academic record. Well, this bursary will be only given to applicants who are passionate about learning new things.

It is proven by the good academic records. On the other hand, only the applicants who have completed the Matric will be considered in the selection process of bursary. However, if the applicants who are still trying to complete the Matric can show progress, they can still apply for the bursary. The applicants should be accepted to the recognized university in South Africa. It can be proven by showing the letter of acceptance from the university. Another requirement is only the new applicants can be considered in the selection process. The applicants who have received this bursary some years ago cannot apply for the second time. The applicants who have a disability will get more preference as well.

Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality Bursary Program

The Admission Process of Bursary. After knowing the requirement to be eligible recipients, the applicants should prepare the documents and follow the admission process of the bursary. The first one is the ID document of the status as a South African citizen. The ID document should be copied with the certification mark. Another document is the certificate of Matric for those whom he finished the Matric. Meanwhile, the applicants who haven’t finished the Matric can show the latest result of Matric. The certificate of Matric should be submitted along with the certified copy. The applicants also need to submit the latest academic record to prove that they have the ability to study in the university. Another one is the proof of income that can show the income of the parents or family. The applicants who have difficulty in the financial section will be considered more in the selection process. All those documents can be submitted to the committee of the bursary via post. The applicants have to send it before the deadline. The applicants who can pass the administration selection will be contacted by the committee. You can see information in here: BURSARY INFORMATION.

The Facility of the Bursary. Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality Bursary covers the cost of studying in the university. Therefore, it will help the applicants who don’t have money to pay the university cost. The first coverage is the tuition fee. The bursary will pay all of the tuition fees during their study in the university. Another coverage is the registration fee. Some universities may require the students to pay for the registration process. However, by using this bursary, the students don’t need to pay any fee. The students will be also given the accommodation and transportation fee. They can live close to the university to decrease the transportation fee. In addition, the bursary also gives the fee for paying the textbooks or materials for study.