Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality Bursary Scholarship for 2021

For those students who are aiming for an external bursary scheme, Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality bursary rewards potential students to garb the advantages from their bursary program. That said, you better know beforehand that the coverage of this bursary opportunity only for tuition and registration fees. To be qualified for the rewards, you must posses the following qualifications; (a) you must be Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality’s resident, (b) this bursary encourages applicant who is older than 25 years old, but put its preference for younger applicants, (c) evidence for residency, and (d) you must hold provisional submission letter from higher learning of public institution in SA. The bursary will be limited to: Registration fees, Tuition fee, Text books or any prescribed study materials and Meals and Accommodation. The EMLM will under no circumstances pay for the subjects/modules which are repeated. The learner should submit an invoice or statement of account from the institution stating all the amounts, which have to be paid for the academic year in question. Under no circumstances will interests be paid on any account. It is therefore the responsibility of the bursary-holders to submit their accounts on time, which is fifteen (15) working days before the due date for payment. Fees payable for tuition and registration will be for junior degrees and diplomas only.

A programme at Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality bursary provides more chance for suitable female applicants, previously disadvantaged personal, and applicant with disabilities. Before submitting your application, there is an application form which is accessible from these following offices; the Main Office, Hlogotlou office, Roosenekal and Uitspanning office, together with Motetema office. Alongside with your application form, it is essential to tag your recent identity document, affidavit/proof of income from parents or guardian, current academic results, evidence of residence that is approved by traditional authority or the municipality, and credence letter from training institute and post school education.

The period for which the Bursary and other forms of financial assistance may be extended, will be based on the prescribed duration as stipulated in the contract. Bursary-holders should notify the Executive Support Department (Mayor’s division) well in advance of anticipation of problems within the contract parameters affecting completion of the academic programme. An application for extension with examination results must be submitted to the Department of Executive Support after the Head of the Department has recommended and endorsed the extension of the contract. The application should also be accompanied by verifiable proof of the reasons for the extension. With regard to the period for extension that may be granted, each case will be considered by the Bursary Committee based on its merit.

Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality Bursary Program

Bursary-holders must complete and submit contract before any payment can be made towards their accounts. The fully completed contract must be signed by the bursary-holder as well as countersigned by two witnesses on each page of contract. A bursary-holder who fails to complete the relevant qualification, who resigns or breach any term of the contract shall redeem any obligation in terms of the contract by paying back the bursary amount plus interest at a rate determined by Treasury. Examinations results should be submitted immediately after the results have been made available by the institution. No payments will be made in respect of any new enrolled subject prior to the submission of results. You can download APPLICATION FORM.

CLOSING DATE: 29 January 2021

Making sure that you double check your application and all of the qualifications which are necessary for this bursary opportunity. Once you are convinced that there is nothing left behind, Simply post your application of this bursary opportunity to, The Municipal Manager/Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality/P.O BOX 48/Groblersdal 0470. Another way to submit your application for this bursary programme, if you want to you can hand delivery your application to, 2nd Gobler Avenue/ Groblerdar 0470. The deadline for you to send your application for bursary opportunity from Elias Motsoaledi Local Municipality will be soon.