ENGEN Bursary

For the last decades, education has emerged to be one of essential needs of humans. By having high education, a better quality of life is expected. Despite the importance of education, there are a lot of people who are not able to pursue higher education due to various reasons, and one of them is financial constraint. To solve this problem, many organizations, both government and non-government, and companies offers financial supports in forms of fellowships, scholarships, and bursaries. For those who currently reside in South Africa, and have interest in petroleum related studies, Engen bursary may be the best financial support you can have. As an oil corporation, Engen has a focus on the market and businesses related to the products of downstream refined petroleum.

There are five main business areas that are covered by Engen. Those areas are explained below:

  • Support Services: this part of business are all focused firmly on allowing the business to convey on the company’s brand promise, which is called ‘With us you are Number One’. This business area includes five divisions, such as Company and Legal Secretariat, Human Capital, Finance, Supply Trading and Optimization, and Corporate Service. These divisions exist to make sure the company can maintain its high performance, which enhances value in a stable manner.
  • Marketing: petrochemical products’ downstream marketing and its related services are the main focus of the company’s business. Thus, the company places their customers on the top of everything they do. The company also operate on a philosophy of the brand which focuses on what matter to their customer, matter to the company. This company operates around 1,500 stations of services throughout Indian Ocean Islands and Sub Saharan Africa. Each experience is important to their customers and each site is reliable to deliver gasoline with quality grades to motorist on user-friendly and modern forecourts.
  • Manufacturing: Engen has their individual manufacturing plants that produce around five hundreds petrochemical products. Those plants include Zenex Blend Plant, LOBP or Lubricating Oil Blend Plant, and Engen Refinery. These plants are situated within the South Durban’s industrial areas within South Africa.
  • Distribution: the main focus of this business area is to secure the supply of the business. This business area continuously look for innovations and new efficiencies on their supply chain. Throughout Indian Ocean Islands and Sub Saharan Africa, this business area operates an widespread network of storage facilities to ensure every customers will always have petroleum products to lubricate their machinery and fuel their vehicles.
  • HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality): this company has a commitment to ensure the health, safety, environment, and quality of their activities wherever they operate. The company’s focus on these aspects guarantees their long-term results and sustainability in recognition by their external and internal stakeholders that they are a corporate citizen with great responsibility and credible performance record of HSEQ.

Every year, Engen invites top students to apply on their bursary program. The supported fields include supply chain, metallurgy engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, transport economics, and accounting. People with disabilities are also welcomed to apply this bursary. Make sure to inform the committee so they can accommodate you for the application process. Those are brief information regarding the overview and focus of Engen as a company, and the bursary program, for those who wish to apply for the financial support. This program opens annually and the applications close on May 31st every year. Make sure to prepare everything beforehand and submit all the required documents before the due date.