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Chemical industry is likely to be understood as a complicated industry because the industry specializes in scientific field of work. Engen is one of the companies in South Africa that fell into this category. The company concerns about manufacturing the petroleum products and has established since 1881 to put the consumers in the great satisfaction. Generally, the company is related with the production of oil and pursues to produce the great quality of oil for the market. As the collaboration of Pembani Group and Petronas, the company has been proven as the distinguished company in South Africa. Now, through Engen Career Learnership, the company is in need of young people to contribute in this long-term company. The learnership encourages South African to take the path and enjoys the world of chemical industry. The learnership will offer you some methods in excelling your abilities and the chance in experiencing the real-time working manner.

Engen Career Learnership allows you gain some advantages, namely you can have get NFQ qualification if you have finished the learnership in great pace and great manner of working attitude. After the learnership, it is highly possible that you will be offered a twelve months contract for working in Engen. This is definitely an impressive opportunity because Engen have usually picked the best candidate for the company. This fact is basically a compliment and recognition about your outstanding skills. To get to know more about chemical industry through the program can be considered a benefit itself because you are to become a person who has trained to the best in the oil company and you will have the best knowledge about the system in the chemical industry. If you want to focus in the chemical industry, Engen Career Learnership is the right choice for starting your career. They have experienced in manufacturing crude oil to the oil products in the market such as fuel for vehicles and planes, special manufacture type of oil products, and also another chemical products including asphalt. The company has also exported to more than 30 countries, proving that Engen is a high-profile company.

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Now, what you need to do is check the available position in the Engen Career Learnership. In each year, the learnership has announced different qualification due to the need in the company. There is an important notice that you need to prepare the matriculation in Physical Science and Pure Mathematics because the matriculation is the basic things for applying the learnership as the company is related in science substances. To be selected in the learnership means you possess a chance to be the candidate in collaborating with the best team in oil-refined company and do not let the chance slip once you have met all the required qualification. Just be courageous to send your CV after you have made sure that you have point out your strong traits in joining the Engen Career Learnership.

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There is one thing that you need to know that there is an age restriction in the learnership, that the learnership is limited for the people under 24 years old. It is a bit different compared with the usual learnerships which usually have an age limitation for the people under 30 years old. You need to know that this is meant to maintain the procedure in Engen Careers Learnership that the learnership is in need of young South Africans who have willingness to give great contribution in producing the best products of oil throughout the world. You will not need to question the integrity of the company because it is all about the qualities. If you are ready to apply for the company, just click the link website above.

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