ERM Bursary Programme 2018 – 2019

Consider yourself as dynamic and energetic young professional, grab this great opportunity to join ERM bursary programme, the bursary program allows successful bursars to work together with ERM experts throughout Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg. However, the bursary programme is available only for post graduate students, additionally, they have to submit essay with approximately 3000 words and more, they tag along with the application. Three different topics for the essay are available, first, its sustainability and climate change. The essay should be all about the things that South Africa should perform in order to deal with that matter (climate change) without giving bad impact toward its economy.

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Second, Contaminated Site Management, just like the first one, the topic is about service and practice area of ERM. Within your essay, ensure to write about something related to chapter 4 (part 8) Waste Act and its effect during May 2nd. In short, the essay is about the comparison between risk based screening levels approved internationally with the mentioned standards and norms. Also, through the previously mentioned essay for ERM bursary programme, write down about your opinion about private industries and regulators roles related to the implementation.

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Third, Environmental Impact Assessment, is the last topic for your essay to apply ERM bursary programme 2018, 2019 & 2020. And yes, this is another essential service from ERM to help its clients for risk management to maintain their sustainability performance. The essay should be about how to make   job creation, business development, and healthy environment to co-exist for the reason that those aforesaid are hard to exist peacefully as one whole part. Should each of them is equally treated? Or should you treat one as more important that others? Finish with your essay, find more information about the bursary through the official website. The application is closed on October 30th.

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