Ernst and Young Bursary

With the rapid development of modernization and industrialization, human’s lifestyle become more and more competitive each year, especially when it comes to job seeking. To increase the chances of being accepted in a company, higher education play a huge role as companies want to have the best employees working in their business. However, many people are unable to pursue for higher degree sue to lack of financial support. If you are interested in professional services and willing to learn further about the field, then Ernst and Young bursary may be the best financial support for you.

Ernst and Young is an organization that has a commitment to create a better environment with greater collaboration, talent development in every forms, sustainable growth, business confidence, and increased trust.  This company wish to create a better place for working by their own movements and by involving themselves with compatible individuals and organizations. This company has a great sense of responsibility to serve several different stakeholders that count on them to deliver excellence and quality in everything they do. They also wish to utilize their worldwide scale and reach to assemble the conversation regarding the challenges in facing capital markets and economies.

The values of Ernst and Young define who they are. These values are the essential beliefs of their worldwide organization. These values guide their behavior and actions. They affect the way the organization works with every party involved and in the way the organization serve their clients and involve with their communities. Those values are courage to lead, enthusiasm, energy, building relationship according to ‘doing the correct thing’, teaming, respect, and integrity. Each day, the company creates decisions and choices that directly influence the way their wider communities and clients experience the company and vice versa. These values give the company a confidence, which they are utilizing the similar philosophies to help them create these decisions through their worldwide organization. Each year, the company celebrates the way they live their values through their Chairman’s Value Award. This award is meant to give their people the chance to distinguish their colleagues that are delivering the company’s values to life. This can be considered a significant method in which the company are creating their shared culture, established on their strong commitment to the company’s values.

Ernst and Young is strongly committed to bring together the compatible teams to their clients from around their worldwide organization. The teams are suitable for the needs of their clients in terms of cultural background, skills, and knowledge. Teams with great diversity are proven to generate more alternatives for problem solving and innovation. However, inclusive culture is needed to enable the team to give their best. What is meant by inclusiveness is about opportunity and equity to ensure differences are appreciated.

For the bursaries provided by the organization, it will be given to students that are studying or intent to study towards a Chartered Accountant qualification, including accounting, computer accounting, business science, chartered tax adviser, or similar. Everyone from Bloemfontein, Durban, Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Cape Town are allowed to apply for the bursaries. The required documents to be submitted include CV, academic record (certified copy), matric result certificate (certified copy), and identification document (certified copy). Those are some information about the overview and main focus of Ernst and Young as an organization, and the bursary, for everyone who want to apply for the financial program. This bursary opens annually. Make sure to prepare every required documents and submit it before the deadline.