Ethekwini Municipality Bursary

Every year, our life become more and more competitive due to the rapid industrialization and modernization, especially in term of job seeking. Education becomes a fundamental part to increase the opportunity of getting accepted in certain workplace. Due to this importance, many people wish to pursue higher degree to ensure the quality of their life. However, education can be quite expensive, and not everyone have financial support to achieve it. To answer the challenge, many companies and organizations, both non-government and government, provide financial support in forms of bursaries, fellowships, and scholarships. If you are currently residing within Durban area, South Africa, you can try to apply for Ethekwini Municipality bursary.

Ethekwini Municipality is considered as municipality on category A within KwaZulu-Natal, a province in South Africa. This area has topographies of hills, with many ravines and gorges. There is almost no actual coastal plain in this area. Durban possesses a violent history of ivory hunters within 1820s and they had conflict with Zulu, the local monarchs. This province also has the biggest battlefields number. The top notch International Convention Center of Durban Chief Albert Luthuli within the province has hosted various historic events, such as conferences on a worldwide scale. Ethekwini is considered the third biggest city within South Africa and the biggest city within this province. This sophisticated cosmopolitan has more than 3,443,398 people residing within the city (according to 2011 census). Ethekwini is also known for the homebased of Africa’s busiest and best-managed port. This city is also the main tourism center due to the extensive beaches and warm climate.

With up to 2,297 km2 in area, Ethekwini is comparatively bigger than any cities in South Africa. The main domestic destination of South Arica is the Durban Tourism. In the 2010/11 financial year, approximately 9.95 million visitors came to Durban. Durban was also one of the city in South Africa that hosted 2010 World Cup, which increased international visitors up to 2.92 percent. Every year, the domestic tourism has an economic impact to the GDP of the region up to 8 percent. There are several hospitality industry within the area, such as big-game park, sparkling dams, craft markets, traditional villages, ethnic attractions, shopping malls, nightspots, and fine hotels. The vision of Ethekwini Municipality to be the most livable and caring city in Africa where every citizens can live harmoniously by 2030. The core values of this Municipality is equal and democratic city, reduction of poverty, smart city, caring city, a city with economic success, and sustainability.

For the bursary provided by the government of the Municipality, it will be given to students that are interested in the built environment and engineering field, particularly on land surveying, town planning, quantity surveying, architecture, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and chemical engineering. The applicants should have notable academic performance, intent to study or currently studying on the approved areas of study, and are citizens of South Africa. Some of the required documents that you need to submit include latest academic transcript and matric certificate for tertiary students, latest academic transcript and enrollment’s proof on a tertiary institution for Matric students, and identification documents. You can have the application form from the office at 11th Floor Shell House, 221 Anton Lembede Street, Durban. Those are some explanation about the overview of Ethekwini Municipality and the provided bursary program, for everyone who wish to apply. This bursary opens yearly. Do not forget to prepare all required documents beforehand, and submit it before the deadline.