Exxaro Bursaries Programme in SA for 2018-2019

Considering to find a bursary that supports you to access better education in mining industry, not to mention, but Exxaro bursaries are worth applying for the benefit that you’ll obtain. More, the bursaries that are schemed by Exxaro will not only for one location, but it will embraces numbers of locations that are spread around South Africa, includes; North East, Polokwane, Thohoyandou, Upper Limpopo, Gauteng, Middleburg, Belfast, Pretoria, Belfast, Kriel, and many others. That said you can apply for the bursary, if you are aiming in these following field of studies; (1) BTech for Mining and Mining Surveying, (2) BSc/BEng Degree for Geology, Mining Engineering, Industrial engineering, Civil Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.

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Student Bursaries

Indeed, earlier Exxaro already invited aspiring students with its bursaries, however, as their mission to provide chance disadvantaged students with potential, then they scheme another Exxaro bursaries. In fact, they regularly announce their bursary program each year. And yes, if you don’t have chance to apply the previously bursary, perhaps, this one is your chance. Anyway, the bursary will assist aspiring students in these following areas; cash allowance, meals, residence fees, book fees, and tuition fees. Seeing the benefit, you don’t need to have any worry about how to finance your education.

Information Exxaro Bursaries

The only thing to bear in mind, be sure that you can maintain your excellent academic record. Then, how to apply for the bursary? First, confirm that you hold grade 12, and second, you are students that will start the tertiary institution for 2018, 2019 & 2020. Now, if you meet the requirement for Exxaro bursaries, download the bursary application form. Next, be sure that you provide any necessary documents for the bursary. You can submit your application to Exxaro representative that is located near you, or another option, you can email your application through Exxaro Business Unit before its closing date on March 31st.

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