Fidelity Fund Bursary

It will definitely be a very great idea for you apply for the Fidelity Fund Bursary especially when you look for the best financial support for your study. These particular bursaries , which are provided by the Attorneys Fidelity Fund that is regulated by the Attorneys Act of 1979, is emphasized on supporting your final two studying years at the South African universities. Then, it is so available for you who are in great financial need so that you do not have to worry a thing when you have got these bursaries. However, the academic results that you achieved during your previous years at the university will be considered strongly still for sure.  Well, there are numerous great things that can be the reasons why you have to apply for these scholarships. So, let’s check them out below!

Here are some of many good reasons why you have to apply for the bursaries provided by the Attorneys Fidelity Fund. Some of them can be like:

  • It requires easy to meet requirements

Well, you can actually have a great chance to get the bursaries from the Attorneys Fidelity Fund when you can complete its notably easy requirements as well as possible. In this case, you have to make sure that you meet all of the criteria before you start to apply for the bursaries, which can be like achieving the excellent academic results, studying the LLB qualification at the South African university, being South African citizen or permanent resident, and so on. Aside of that, there are also some important documents that you cannot forget at all. They are like the official transcript of academic record, the copy of your identity residence card, the testimonial from the faculty of Law Dean, and etc. In the simple words, it is a must for you to submit all of them to the Bursary Coordinator of the Attorneys Fidelity Fund as soon as possible before the deadline come.

  • The various ways to apply

Furthermore, the other good reason why you better apply for the Attorneys Fidelity Fund scholarship is because it provides you the various ways to submit your application. Then, the first option that you can take is hand delivery. In this phase, you can submit the application form you have got from the internet with all the documents by deliver them yourself to the coordinator of the bursaries. This kind of way will give you the chance to make nice first impression to the bursaries provider for sure. Next, you can also send your application by post to Attorneys fidelity Fund, PO BOX 306, Cape Town 8000 if you do not have much time to do a hand deliver.

  • The costs it covers

Moreover, the scholarship offered by the Attorneys Fidelity Bursaries will definitely cover all of the expenses that you have to pay for your tuition. In the other words, if you are a student who is currently in the first or second year of study, you can get the bursary during your third and fourth of study. Then, you will get the scholarship for your final year of study if you have applied for it successfully during our first or third year of study.

In conclusion, those are some of the good reasons why you have to apply for the Fidelity Fund Bursary. It is so much recommended for you to really consider about them when you look for a remarkable financial support for your study for sure. In addition, you can get all the further information, the latest update, and even the application form of the bursaries.