FUNZA LUSHAKA Bursary: Financial Students in Education sector

Education is a basic pillar of the country. Having a good education system can change the condition of a country in the future years. However, one of the most important things in education is the quality of the teacher. Without having any good teachers, the country cannot develop its education system. Why? The teacher is the one who will conduct the education system in the reality. Therefore, the teacher needs should be able to carry on the knowledge, teaching learning process, and others. On the other hand, a developed country is trying to increase the quality of the teachers in their country. It makes some developed countries such as South Africa are trying to make their teachers possess a good qualification in the teaching learning process. However, South Africa also faces another problem. Some people who are willing to be a teacher don’t have enough money to go to a university. Therefore, they cannot get an education degree in the university. On the other hand, some teachers who want to improve their skills may don’t need any money to continue their studies in the master degree or doctoral degree. Their ability will be stuck in this condition. In order to overcome the financial problem in education, South Africa’s government take another step by giving FUNZA LUSHAKA Bursary for the qualified ones. So, what is it?

Knowing More About Bursary for the Teaching Degree. South Africa provides many kinds of the bursary for its citizen. One of them is the FUNZA LUSHAKA Bursary. Well, this bursary is specifically offered by the government to enhance the quality of the teaching learning process in South Africa. The teacher of the school can join this bursary. In addition, the students who are willing to continue their studies in the education field can also join this bursary. After finishing their study in the education field, the recipients need to teach at the affiliated and accredited public school. They need to teach in their equivalent to the awarded time.


Well, this scheme can help the students who need to learn about how to teach properly and effectively. The students also can get more benefits since they will get more experience during their time of teaching in the public schools. However, the recipients need to know that the public school cannot be chosen by them. They will get arranged by the bursary committee about the public schools. So, the recipients must prepare any condition when they are teaching in the public school.

The Type of Qualification and Priority Area of the Bursary. The FUNZA LUSHAKA bursary programs offer the bursary for those people of South Africa that are suitable with the bursary. The priority is the undergraduate students in the 4-year of Bachelor of Education or BEd. Well, the undergraduate students must choose the focus subject and grade that will be taught by them such as Foundation Phase, Intermediate Phase, Senior Phase, and FET Phase. Other qualified students are students in the One-Year Postgraduate in Education (PGCE). Besides, this bursary also set the priority area of teaching major. The applicants who are teaching the Foundation Phase, Intermediate Phase and Senior Phase in the two of following major will be given preference.

The majors are languages, mathematics, natural science, and technology. Meanwhile, the applicants that are teaching two of the following majors at the FET Phase also will get preference. The majors are agricultural technology, accounting, agricultural science, civil technology, computer applications technology, economics, electrical technology, engineering graphic and design, information technology, geography, life science, mechanical technology, mathematics, physical sciences, technical science, technical mathematics, and languages.

The General Eligibility of Bursary. FUNZA LUSHAKA Bursary is conducted by the Department of Basic Education of South Africa. Therefore, this bursary has a lot of criteria that should be fulfilled by the applicants. Well, the applicants must be freed from any criminal records. The applicants who have been fired from work are not qualified as well. In addition, the applicants that have family in the Higher Education Institution are also not qualified. Another condition is the teacher that has done teaching qualifications are not qualified as well. Another eligibility of this bursary is the ID Card of the South African citizen. This bursary is limited only to South African citizens.


The applicants also need to show good academic records to get the preference of the bursary. Well, this bursary is also available for those people who want to change their careers. If they are willing to learn about education and dedicate their lives to education, they will get a preference for this bursary. However, the applicants must take note that the application should be done in the online system. Only applicants who send the documents in the online system have the right to continue the selection process of the bursary. You can see more information in here: LATEST BURSARY. Student must read this before applying, Funza Lushaka Bursary Information. To apply for the Funza Lushaka bursary for 2022 studies, candidates must closely follow these steps: First, Visit the e-Government Portal website, second Register an account by filling in your required personal details and last, Login using your selected username and password.

CLOSING DATE: 1 February 2022

Applying for the Teaching-Learning Bursary. As mentioned previously the FUNZA LUSHAKA Bursary will be conducted by using the online system. Therefore, the applicants should follow the scheme of how to register and upload the documents. The first step is opening the website of the bursary which is After that, the applicants should make the online profile on this website. They need to fill in the personal details in the form. Then, they need to login into the website by using the username and password. There will be some bursaries options on this website. The applicants can choose the FUNZA LUSHAKA bursary. After that, they can choose the application menu and upload the required documents.

After that, the applicants will receive the email that contains the confirmation declaration and status of the application. The applicants need to print out all those documents since they have to submit the documents to the university. The online registration along and certified copies of academic records and ID Card should be submitted to the coordinator of the university. If the applicants cannot send the complete documents, their application will be cut off. Therefore, in order to make sure that their application can be processed, the applicants need to take care of and check all of the required documents. They must follow all of the processes carefully.