FUNZA LUSHAKA Bursary: Financial Students in Education sector

Funza Lushaka bursary is a bursary opportunity that is given for future teacher to provide them assistance, so then they find it less hassle to complete their qualification of becoming a qualified  teacher within next four to five years. The recruitment campaign of the bursary scheme is spread and already started on in some districts. However it doesn’t mean that you have no chance for the bursary, as the recruitment campaign is still ongoing on some other districts. For this time bursary scheme, Funza Lushaka gives its preference toward aspiring students that recently hold grade 12 qualification, but have problem with their financial standing to continue their education. Financial problem must not be a barrier for everyone to pursue education. If you are one among numbers of students who find difficulties in continuing education due to lack of money, Funza Lushaka Bursary can be your ultimate solution. It is a multi-year program about teaching in public schools. The program is designed to help the qualified students completing their teaching qualification fully in an area. The qualified students will then teach at the public school for the same period as their bursary reception. After it all is finished, the recipients can apply for a position in a public school with their choice of PED (Provincial Education Department). If it’s not possible to be accepted in the school they’ve applied for, the PED concerned will help them to find one that’s possible.

If you are interested in Funza Lushaka Bursary, first apply for a teaching qualification (Bachelor of Education or PGCE) or a bachelor degree (Bachelor of Science, etc.) with minimally a primary course at your chosen university. You are allowed to apply for the bursary online once you have been accepted at a university. The period of the bursary reception will be one academic year. Following any of your academic success, the program will be renewed until they consider you’ve met the standards of being a teacher. Any renewal and reapplication should be sent by late October the following year, and you can start teaching a year for certain years according to the bursary you receive.

Why you should apply Funza Lushaka? First, if you are so passionate about teaching and being a good teacher, you need this bursary. And second, considering what is offered by the bursary, then this should be your opportunity. Funza Lushaka bursary will award its qualified bursars with; books and living allowance, accommodation and meals, and of course tuition fee. The location of the recruitment campaign is differed by dates, so then, in here you will be informed about the bursary started from the one that is opened soon.

First thing first, This bursary is your golden ticket to pursue your dream of being a teacher, no matter the financial crisis has made you like giving up. However, you can’t grab it right away without any method. Funza Lushaka Bursary application form is the thing you must know if you want to get closer to the bursary. Once you are qualified through the assessment of the application form, you will be studying to be a good teacher with fully guaranteed educational expenses. Relating to the career and job opportunities, this bursary will give you main benefit, that is to make you survive and successful in real work field.


If you really want to dedicate yourself as a teacher at public schools, but your current financial condition seems to burden you taking the advanced actions, Funza Lushaka application form is what you should concern about to receive the bursary and expand your study to become a teacher. The very basic aspect you must know before accessing the application form is that, the program requires the applicant to meet these criteria:The applicant should be a citizen of South Africa. The application files will even not be processed further if the copy of valid ID number of the country citizenship isn’t inserted with the form; The applicant should be able to be contacted through SMS or e-mail; The bursary will only be given to the applicant who covers two priority areas; The applicant should be committed to the procedural and administration regulations if later on they have been qualified to teach; The bursary has to be repaid by the bursar by teaching at provincial teaching post; The bursary is granted for one academic year; The bursars should have been accepted in accredited education institution and Other criteria for later selection will be about the report of academic performance and competence of the applicant. You can apply bursary in here: APPLY FUNZA LUSHAKA BURSARY. and if you can register in here: REGISTER THE BURSARY.

CLOSING DATE: 08 January 2021

What you will find during your journey before making the Funza Lushaka application form cleared, is the priority areas. The term is used to represent the teaching specializations you should master to be qualified for the application. First is foundation phase (Grades R-3) which focuses on African indigenous language, second is intermediate and senior phase (Grades 4-9) which focuses on math, science and technology, and third is FET phase (Grades 10-12) which focuses on advanced subject such as accounting, geography, electrical engineering, and graphics and designs.

The detailed information about Funza Lushaka Bursary can be reached through its official website, as well as the application form you need to download, fill and submit. What we can sum up, files you are obligated to take care of if you are about to apply for the program is the printout of the application form with a copy of your ID number, plus other necessary docs to support your quality during the application assessment. Grab the Funza Lushaka Bursary application form after clicking “I accept” once you finished reading and understanding the terms and conditions on the site.