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Do you want to work in mining company? Why do you want to work in the mining company? People commonly are interested to work in the mining company because they can get the better salary. No doubt, working in the mining company can earn a better salary than the other company. That’s why there would be many people who are interested to work in the mining company. If you are interested to join in the mining company, at least you can try to choose the better learnership program to prepare your own career path in the mining company. You can try to join Glencore career learnership. Do you know about this learnership before? For your information, Glencore is one of the biggest coal mining company. When you can take part in this mining company, I believe that you will have the better career path.

Good news for you, Glencore career learnership is opened for the Glencore Operations South Africa Coal Division. They offers you with the learnership that will train you to be more dynamic and have the result orientation student for the following trades. There will be disadvantages for you to start your program here and you will get many benefits to be here. Moreover, in the future you will be given the offers to work in Glencore with a certain kind of position depends on your training program or the learnership program. So, if you want to have the good offers, it means that you should show your best performance during your own learnership program.

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Do you want to join in the Glencore career learnership? If you want to join in this program, you need to ensure that you will be matched to some of the field of studies mentioned as follows. The field of studies that you can join are auto electrician, boilermaker, diesel mechanic, fitter, and rigger. When you join in this program, make sure that you really pay attention to want kind of field of study that will suit and meet your criteria and your own classification. It will be easier for you to determine your own qualification and the field of study chosen by seeing the further information about the program that they offer for you in Glencore career learnership.

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To be successful in joining the Glencore career learnership, here are some of the qualification that you need to really consider. First, it will be important for you to be in the grade 12 from Technical program with 50% pass mark especially for Science and math. Next, you also need to have the driver license for a Code EB (08). You also need to be in line with the Company’s Social and Labour Plans. For the successful candidates, they will be come from the people around the local communities close to Glencore Operations South Africa Coal Division and where the operation is situated. Next, you need to be fit enough to get the certificate if Fitness before the Inservice Training. Those are the general information that you need to know about this program. You do not need to be worried for all of the requirements needed. I believe that you will be successful in joining the program if you really prepare it well. That’s why please make sure that you really pay attention it much. So far, are you interested to join in this program? If yes, you need to sign up and click the site of Glencore Learnership to get the futher information about their service.  Taking the Glencore career learnership will never give an disadvantages. Moreover, you will get the better living condition for your own life because you get the better chance to develop your career path.

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