Gold Fields Bursary

Are you living around South Africa? If yes you are, you must be lucky because there are dozens of bursaries you can take based on the subject field you have learned. In South Africa, you can find many bursaries in easy way because you can get the bursary which offers certain subject qualification as what they require. Each bursary has its own different subject qualification you should fill before applying it. You just have to ensure that you take the bursary which has the same qualification as what you have taken. It is to ensure you can fill their qualifications as best as you can to ensure you are qualified enough to get their bursary. If you want to be the self-motivated contractors, employees and community members to get full-time study at a recognized University of Technology or South African University, you can join the bursary from the South Deep Gold Mine. They offer you to joint their Gold Field Bursary.

Every time you want to take the bursaries, you should know well about the qualifications that they need for the bursary itself. Thus, if you have decided to apply this bursary, you should know about the qualifications to get this bursary. This bursary requires: the students in a grade-12 and have certificate with university entrance or exemption; currently studying in certain relevant fields of this bursary needs and a student of Tertiary Institution; should be fit medically for the environment and position as what determined by a risk of the medical examination; the last is if you are successful candidate, you will meet the acceptance criteria and you should provide the written acceptance proof from the institution for the opted qualification of study at University of Technology. If you have fulfilled those requirements, you can try to submit your application to this bursary. For the certain fields you should learn to take this bursary are Safety, Sustainable Development, Human Resources, Finance, Rock Engineering, Environmental Management, Mineral Survey, Geology, Engineering of Mechanical or Electrical, Matallurgy, and Mining Engineering. Those are the fields you should take if you want to apply this bursary. You as the applicant should send your detail curriculum vitae as well as the cover letter you have made of stating clearly what kind of opportunities you can get from what you are applying for by using email.

If you have qualified from the administration requirements, you will call for undergo psychometric evaluation as a part of this selection process. If you have success from the psychometric evaluation, you can get a call for the interview. If you have success from this interview section, you will ask to sign the training contract for certain duration of training program of this bursary. Well, note that this contract is not a contract of employment. You also should not that this company is not giving any kind of tolerance to any corruption, bribery, fraud, or job selling. Thus, take away those kinds of thought from your minds if you want to apply this bursary. You also should know that if you have submitted your application and have no call within 14 days later, you should be more patient because you may unsuccessful to get this bursary. Thus, before you are applying this bursary, you should ensure you have required all of the bursary’s requirements and you give the best reason while made the cover letter as best as you can. It will help you a lot in getting this bursary and you can get more experience while doing the training program with this bursary.